11x38mm Round End Wooden Cigar Tips for Pre Roll Smoking Wooden tips Empty blunts

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Flavored Pre Rolled Cones and Blunts

We offer unique Natural Leaf Slow burning Pre Rolled Blunts and cones we also offer Pre Rolls Herbal Paper and Bleach paper, we offer two sizes 88 mm and 110 mm, apart from pre rolls we also offer unique terpene and booster Herbal Blends for cones.

Brief about Natural Leaf Pre Rolls/ Blunts - revolutionary very slow burning Organic leaf (burns slower than Cavendish leaf) gives a very unique herbal aroma, natural leaf pre rolls are ready to use based on “Fill-N-Smoke” concept, where Organic Ebony leaf is skillfully hand rolled and filter tips are technically made and air tightens without any adhesive or glue, rolled skillfully with trained people. This is not a rolling paper and they’re not a cigarette tube! This is totally a unique, innovative, exciting and revolutionary concept in smoking the Natural Organic Herbal leaf Rolls.

 1. Natural Leaf Pre Rolled Cones and Blunts

A. IN-Built Filtered– in in-built filter we offer 88 mm and 110 mm as Natural as well as flavored.

B. Filtered(Corn Husk Filter & Herbal Fiber Filter – In filtered cones we offer 88 mm and 110 mm rolls (Natural and flavored).

2. Filtered HMP Brown Paper Pre Rolled Rolls - Available in 88 mm and 110 mm sizes.

3. Filtered Bleach Paper Pre Rolled Rolls - Available in 88 mm and 110 mmsizes

Brief about IN-Built Filtered Rolls - The in-built filtered cones are offered in 88 mm and 110 mm, sizes, in unfiltered cones the filter tip is technically made and adjusted inside the roll and air tightens without any adhesive.

Importance of IN-Built Filtered Tips – Uniquely designed and technically made in built smoking tip/ filters act as perfect filter. Smokers says the pleasure of inner adjusted filtered rolls are more enjoyable; it tastes better than the filtered one, because accumulated substance in the lower part of the cones acts as a perfect filter with a unique pleasurable aroma, the matured taste grows more and more with each puff, smoker says “The last puff is really the most enjoyable and un-explainable.

Brief about Filtered Cones - The Filtered cones are skillfully developed and made from corn husk and Herbal paper, filters are technically made keeping in view the spontaneous flow in smoking and hand rolled and fixed without any adhesive.

Brief about Herbal Paper and bleached paper RollsThese are simply based on “Fill-N-Smoke” concept and skillfully hand rolled by skilled people.

Flavored Pre Rolled Cones and Blunts

We offer unique Super Slow burning Natural Leaf in series of mind blowing flavors this is the latest improvement in smoking! Black Swan® is the world's first to offer flavored Leaf Cones or Pre-Rolled Cones/ Blunts. Flavored cones are offered keeping in view smoker’s common complaint about the burning sensation on the throat or tongue after 3/4 blunts.

In flavored rolls, you just lick your lips after 2/3 puffs and the nasty taste goes away and is replaced with wonderful flavor – a flavor which keeps you licking your lips and wanting more!

Flavored Pre Rolled Cones are 100% herbal with approved natural flavors, each cone is hand-made and technically flavored however to flavor to a natural leaf is again a difficult task and messy process, but Black Swan® has specially offered Pre-rolled flavored cones keeping in view the demand, flavored cones are packed carefully in an air sealed tube to preserve the unforgettable flavor.

Series of Mind Blowing Exotic Flavors are available in pre rolled cones……… Simply You just name it, we have it!

In Short - Fruit, Flower, Terpenes, Indicia and Sativa Boosters, Cigar, Tobacco Flavors are available– if explained broadly - flavors like Kush, Grape, Pineapple, Blue Berry, Watermelon, Mix berry, Apple, Guava, Mint, Lemon, Clove , Vanilla, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Russian Cream, Berry Blast, Rose, Musk, Saffron, Cherry, Mango, Melon, Kool, (Mint) and few unique flavors like “Just-ONE, Enigma, Temptation and Pheromone flavored pre rolled cones are available to enjoy exotic Flavored Smoking!

Packaging - We offer A. Tube Pack – 3 Rolls/ Tube, 24 Tubes/ Case, 72 Rolls/ Case) and B. Economy Pack or bulk pack as 100 or 200 Rolls/ Box.

Customized Packaging We also offer packaging as per requirement.

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