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We are specialists in sourcing and exportation of high quality and affordable products to your market.

Our quest is to provide high quality products, excellent service at competitive price and timely delivery to our customers.


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S.NoProductPack Wt
1Best of Our Minis Bag 500gX24X1 (MRP 400)500gms
2Bounty Double (57gX24X12) (MRP 40)57gms
3Bounty Miniatures VEG 150gx24X1 (MRP 140)150gms
4Bounty Mini Bag 270gX18X1 (MRP 230)270g
5Bounty Mini Dispenser (28.5gX32X12) (MRP 25)28.5gms
6Galaxy Caramel 36g 12X12 (MRP 25)36gms
7Galaxy Caramel 36g 12X12 (MRP 25)36gms
8Galaxy Crispy 36g 6X24 (MRP 30)36gms
9Galaxy Fruit & Nut 43g 6x24 (MRP 35)43gms
10Galaxy Hazelnut 43g 6 x 24 (MRP 30)43gms
11Galaxy Jewels Rev 200gx12x1 (MRP 275)200g
12Galaxy Milk 43gX6X24 (MRP 30)43gms
13Galaxy Milk 19.1g 12X24 (MRP 15)19.1gms
14Galaxy Shubh Avsar (MRP 150/-)125gms
15Galaxy Shubh Avsar (MRP 250/-)192.5gms
20Snickers Gift Pack 162g 1x24162gms
21Snickers Miniatures VEG 150gx24X1 (MRP 140)150gms
22Snickers Mini Bag 270gX24X1 (MRP 230)270g
23Snickers Bar Eggless 54g 12x24 (MRP 30)54gms
24Snickers Snack Eggless 25g 12x32 (MRP 15)25gms
25Snickers Std Multi 300g 34X1300gms
26Snickers Twin 40gx2 8x24 (MRP 75)40gms
27Twix Miniatures VEG 150gx24X1 (MRP 140)150gms
28Twix Mini VEG 9M 270g 24X1 (MRP 230)270g
29Twix Twin (50gX25X10) (MRP 40)58gms
30Galaxy Jewels Rev 400gx8x1 (MRP 525)400g

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