Wound cleansing pre-soaked sterile gauze preventing infection medical device

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Product Overview


Product Description


Pre-moisted gauze for wound cleansing in emergency.

Removes and retains dirt and foreign material. Reduces mild bleeding.

The tissue with high percentage of viscose provides high resistance to stretch and torsion to avoid tearing of the gauze.

Suggested for emergency use as well as during outdoor activities.

Useful as temporary primary dressing.

Medical Device Class IIa.

Single packed in a 10 unit dispenser.

Area of use

- Traumatic wounds

Active Ingredients

- Aloe barbadensis leaf extract

- Linoleamidopropyl pg-dimonium chloride phosphate (Phospholipid EFA)

 - Allantoin

- Calcium Alginate

Technical Features

- Viscose to provide:

- High absorbency of skin impurites

- High resistence to stretch and torsion to avoid tearing of the gauze

- Maximum softness to avoid skin irritation

- High solution content in each gauze (12g)

- Size of the gauze 20 cm x 20 cm

Our Company

Welcare Industries

Welcare Industries is a developer and global provider of Medical Devices to prevent and reduce hospital acquired infections. The Company's portfolio comprises products for:

Prevention of fungal infections, their control, mechanical therapy and reduction. The products are effective in the prevention, treatment and alleviation of irritations, blemishes, eczema and dermatitis related problems. The solutions help to maintain or restore the natural pH of the skin and can be used on healthy as well as fragile, dry or wounded skin.
Recommended for patients at risk of bacterial infections due to age, prolonged antimicrobial therapies, and chronic diseases.
Initial and maintenance debridement of chronic wounds, in line with the latest recommendations from EWMA.
Resolution of skin disorders in patients undergoing chemo and radio therapy.
Welcare' s products are used in the major hospitals and clinics in European and non-European countries.

Our Mission

MISSION: Protecting People, Caring for Nature

The Company's mission summarizes the distinguishing features of its offer


The components used by Welcare are non-allergenic and of pharmaceutical grade. Tissues are carefully selected. Products are manufactured in controlled environments, on dedicated equipment.


All devices are supported by voluntary clinical trials before market launch. No allergic reaction has ever been reported among millions of patients using the products.


We focus on the performance of the formulas. For this reason, the formulas contain a very limited number or selected components whose efficacy and safety are supported by clinical literature.


Welcare' s products are intended to simplify all nursing procedures without exposing the patients to possible harm (contaminations, dry skin, etc). Procedural time and physical effort are reduced both for the professional and the home care giver.


The Company is certified ISO 14001. The manufacturing plant is located in a green region; for this reason, Welcare limits the use of synthetic components that might release toxic compounds into the ecosystem during the manufacturing process or during product's usage or disposal.

Quality Commitment

At Welcare, quality is a priority for top management as well as production personnel:

- All products are manufactured in accordance with the European Directive 93/42.
- The personnel undergoes in depth training to understand the risks our customers, the patients, are exposed to and how we can significantly contribute to their recovery.
- Products are manufactured in clean rooms class ISO 8 and ISO 7 in accordance with GMPs.
- Some brands are steam sterilized on-site.
- Other products undergo thermal treatments to guarantee the absence of bacteria, fungi or molds.
- Before market launch, all products undergo severe quality controls to guarantee their microbiological integrity.

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