Shinepoly LP2083 modifier is a core-shell impact modifier for PC, PBT and PC blends with polyesters and ABS

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Product Overview


Product Description



Shinepoly® LP2083 modifier is a  core-shell impact modifier with  Silicon rubber content  that provides  superior low temperature impact  performance. Because of the core-shell structure, the improvement in impact performance  is obtained with only minor effect on other mechanical properties such as  modulus and heat distortion temperature.



Shinepoly® LP2083 is recommeded for use in PC, PBT and  PC blends with polyesters and ABS where superior low temperature impact  performance and excellent colorability are required. It is targeted for use  in painted automotive applications, electrical/electronic components,  appliances, business machines, lawn and garden equipment, and recreational vehicles  where ease of processing, thermal stability, excellent low temperature impact  and a good balance of physical properties are important.


Processing Guide:

LP2083 can be directly added into the formulation  during plastic compound extrusion.
   2-6 %   on total formulation.




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