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Organic Chia Seeds from Peru


Chia seeds are grown through organic processes. Chia seeds are screened, selected and packaged.


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Salvia hispanica L.                                                 USED PORTION: Seeds


ORIGIN AND DISTRIBUTION: In Peru the main production areas are: Cuzco, Huánuco and Andahuaylas.


Chia Seed has a healthy composition for those who care of their health and diet. It has 20 % of vegetable protein, 25 % soluble fiber and 40 % oil, among other nutrients.


64 % of Chia Seeds is made up of essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, both dramatically improve our metabolism, at the same time helps to balance cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which benefits cardiovascular health. Furthermore, Chia seed is rich in vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese and zinc. It has very little sodium.


Besides being a high protein source, Chia is easily digestible for the body. Moreover, water and methanol which also provide antioxidant properties useful to reduce cellular oxidation and prevent heart diseases due to its anti – inflammatory effect.



24 months in adequate storage conditions (hermetically sealed , in a cool and dry environment)     

 Nutrition Facts : Chia Seeds                                    Amount Per 100 Grams




% Daily value*

Total Fat                      31g


Saturated fat                3.3g


Polysaturated fat          24g


Monosaturated fat 2.3g


Trans fat 0.1g




Sodium 16mg


Potassium 407mg


Total Carbohydrate 42g


Dietary fibre 34g


Protein 17g


Vitamin A  1%

Vitamin C 2%

Calcium 63%

Iron 42%

Cobalamin 0%

Magnesium 83%


*Per cent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs


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Packaging & Shipping

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Payment mode



Q: Can you send  product samples?

A: Absolutely!.  We will do It literally within hours.  Note, that due to the volume of sample we have to send each week, freight/courier cost to overseas destinations are charged on the recipient. we promise to discount your freight expenses from the sales invoice so that you can recoup your money)

Q: Do you require a minimum purchase order (MOQ)?

A: We are very flexible: 1000 kg is the minimum purchase order for international deliveries.

Q: Can you provide product analysis and certifications?

AYes. Our latest lab analysis as well as quality certifications are there for you. Just ping me and I´ll send them right away.

Q: Do the products run through a phyto sanitary inspection prior to the shipping? 

A: Yes.  All plant products such as chia seeds and quinoa are personally inspected by a USDA APHIS official at our warehouse prior to the shipping. The USDA then issues a phytosanitary certificate stating that the product is free from pests, in good condition and suitable for human consumption.

Q: How do I know the product will get to me in good condition?

A: Having a delivery arriving with problems, thousands of miles away it is not fun. Not for you, and definitely nor for us. So believe me we make sure every cargo is meticulously protected. How?
We deliver in polypropylene bags with double layer.
Palletized cargoes are covered with 3 layers of plastic film, all around and on the top. Finally the pallet is secured with 4 plastic straps.
All Full Container Loads are protected against water condensation by fully covering the interior walls and foor with a layer of corrugated cardboard and a layer of plastic film (see pictures in product description)
All our cargoes carry an insurance policy against any contingency during transport

Q: What payment terms can you offer?

A: Naturally it depends on the sales condition :
FOB /FCA (overseas): 30% in advance – 70% when the cargo is ready, right before delivery. Why? The advance payment locks the deal and merchandise. Meanwhile, we make all the proper arrangements for the international delivery: book shipping turn, phytosanitay, third party inspection, etc. all of which take around 5 to 7 working days. Once the shipping turn is confirmed and cargo ready to go we will let you know and you can proceed with the balance payment.

Q: Would you be willing to offer commercial references?

AYes, we will connect you with at least 2 of our clients or partners that can tell you about us much better than we do.


USFDA Certificate



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