Mobile Steam Machine Car Wash High Pressure Washer/Self Service Car Wash Equipment

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Mobile Steam Machine Car Wash High Pressure Washer


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Rated pressure
Rated steam capacity

Saturated steam 


Envelop dimensions
Power supply voltage(V)220/380/415380/415380/415
Weight (kg)100105110



Description of product (CWE series):

1. Exterior is made up of high-quality thick steel, with special painting process, beautiful and durable. The exterior design is welcomed to millions of customers
2. The unique set of temperature controller can adjust and display the steam temperature inside
3. Large space steam storage of inner tank, pure steam without water, use three kinds: high, middle and low probe to control the water level. Full automatic watering and heating can prevent heating without water, it is safe and also can extend the service life of the heating pipes and boilers
4. Pressure, temperature, safety valve triple security
5. High temperature and high pressure water pump can extract the hot water from last steam and save electric energy
6. Main parts are made of well-known brands in china, the unique temperature control device can accurately read the internal steam temperature of the inner tank
7. Pressure limited, full automatic control device, independent water or electric tank safe and reliable
8. Multiple security: automatic discharge of safety value device, breaking and leakage electricity protection, and automatic water level monitoring system
9. have waterproof, moisture, shock protection of the circuit system

As we know, the security is most important, if no security, everything is empty, our Nobeth boiler factory focus on to research the security system, through the hard work and the marking testing, we get the 5 security system:

1. Stop heating automatically when reaching the setting temperature
2. Stop heating automatically when reaching the setting pressure
3. The safety valve relief automatically when the pressure reached the setting pressure
4. Stop heating automatically when there is no water in the tank
5. Stop heating automatically when stainless steel mechanical adjustable pressure controller reached the setting pressure.

Steam generator machines are environment friendly, could save lot of water and chemical detergent.


Protable mobile car wash steam machine with Super steam+ dry saturated+ wet steam.

Wet Steam


wet steam.jpg


Dry Steam


dry steam.jpg


Super Dry Steam


super steam.jpg


Six major advantage of the 6kw Steam Generator For steam car wash machine With Brake Wheels:


1. Boiler tank design: inner tank is designed in according with 10 years of service life Steam storage space is more 30% larger, pure steam without water Thermal efficiency is above 98%, 100% pure steam.quadruple security system

2. Custom by customer needs, meet customer request in according with the highest technical Professional technical team, custom by usage request (High pressure, anti-explosion, no dirty design, digital-display flow, power speed can be infinitely adjusted, charging movable generator, Foreign voltage, electricity and oil dual-use boiler, biomass ethanol boiler, 24V safe voltage generator )

3. Use natural magnet full copper ball float level controller, which is anti-oxidative and regardless of water quality, can prolong 2 times the service life, to recycle remaining heat, save power more than 30%

Safety: Electric heating without seeing fire and security risks
Energy saving: Thermal efficiency is above 98%, fast warming, can be used about 8 minutes
Environmental protection: Zero emissions, zero pollution

4. Appearance design: Fine structure, easy to install and move
Have universal wheel with brake, complete machine delivery, can be operated freely if no professional person

5. Use soften water and pure water, can extend more 3-5 years service life of the boiler, save power over 50%

6. We have a strong product R&D team and production capacity, products are exported all over the world

We have our own R&D team, mastered the core technology of steam generator, have 15 years experience of technical research and development production


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1. Why choose steam for car wash?

Answer: The machine is multifunctional for car interior, engine and exterior wash.


2. Will the hot steam damage the car paint?   

Answer: No. You can touch the steam since the temperature is around 60-70℃.


3. How many water to wash a car exterior by steam car washer?   

Answer: Around 1.5 liter water for dry steam, nearly no water can be seen on the ground.


4. Do I need chemical for steam car wash?   

Answer: No need chemical for normal steam car wash.

For heavy dirty car, you can spray some low chemical shampoo or no chemical shampoo to faster the cleaning process.


5. How long can the machine work for a day?   

Answer: Our machines are available for all day long heavy duty work without any stop.


6. How about the warranty?   

Answer: 12 months. Nobeth Service Department can supply free training of operations and maintenance.

Engineers are available to service machinery overseas if necessary.




Whats App / Skype / Mobile: 86 15871827165 

Wechat: 502131582

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