20L 5 Gallon Waterless Car Wash and Wax Quick Car wash care product wax 2 in 1 Formula Made in Taiwan

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Product Overview


Product Descriptions 

WATERLESS WASH & WAX provides a waterless way to quickly clean and shine vehicles between washes. ... The easy to use spray formula provides a waterless way for consumers to quickly clean and shine their vehicle between washes and helps maintain that `just washed look`.


Waterless Wash & Wax saves water and your time v rapidly and safely lifts away dust, dirt, and grime, then protects with a layer of high-shine sealant.Waterless Wash1
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Before & After
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Product Features

              Car Wash and Wax together (2 in 1 Formula)
            Used for light cleaning only (not deep cleaning)
              Dust- repellent formula
              Fast & Convenient
              Color enhance formula


Why you should use waterless wash?

Want to wash the car, but there is no place to wash the car?

Use waterless car wash to solve your Location restrictions!
Easy way to keep your car clean.

Best thing about waterless wash is

*No water needed

*No time consuming

*Do not scratch the paint
*No locationa restrictions


Technology & Philosophy
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How To Use

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1. if your car is too dirty (with hard sand or dirt), please clean and wash them off first.

2. Spray directly onto the car paint

3. Wipe off with a dry and Clean microfiber towel. If one side of the dry towel gets dirty, must use another side.  Wipe off slowly in 1 direction, do not wipe back and forth.









(1) How does a Waterless Car Wash work?

A waterless car wash uses high lubricity sprays to polish and wash the vehicle’s bodywork. The spray’s high lubricity chemicals encapsulate dirt and dust particles.


This means it basically forms a bubble around all the dirt and detaches it from the car’s surface.  Then, we use a microfibre cloth to pick up the detached dirt. It also leaves a shine on the car’s surface. A waterless car wash is only recommended for cars with light dirt.



(2) Are the chemicals in Waterless Car Wash safe for the car paint?


Definitely, Waterless Car Wash & Wax is a PH neutral formula. You can touch with your hands, and it cannot be harmful to your car paing. 


(3) Do I have to dilute this Waterless Wash & Wax? Why are some waterless wash must be diluted?


This is a  2-in-1 Formula Waterless Wash. It contains WAX in it. So, you don't need to dilute it. Some waterless wash are concentrated version, because most of these do not contain WAX.  Our formula is for time-saving customers, where you clean while waxing your car at the same time. 


(4) Why should I go with waterless washing, instead of "normal" car washing?

Water waste per wash per person is about 300L. If we add up how many people wash their cars every week, then, it euqates to billions wasted water overall per year. And the environmental impacts are far reaching, some harmful chemicals (not ours), make their way into our storm drains and damage ground water and our lawns. This is why we should conserve water and use more waterless wash


(5) Can my vehicle by too dirty for the waterless wash?


Yes,  it's possible! A waterless car wash is only recommended for cars with light dirt. When your vehicle becomes too dirty with either extremely thick mud, clay, granules, heavy salt spray, heavy bugs, heavy tar, or tree sap, your will need to remove the heavy dirt from your vehicle first BEFORE performing our waterless wash. 


(6) Can the Waterless Wash scratch my car paint?


A Waterless car wash should not to scratch the paint if the user remembers to wipe away the light dirt with a soft, clean towel and wipe in only one direction, not in circular motion or in multiple diredtions. However, If the user this product on a very dirty car with hard dirt, or wipe away the dirt in a circular motion, they would most definitely scratch their car's surface.

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750 300






1. Avoid working in hot weather condition. Cool your vehicle before use.

2. Avoid contacing the eyes. Flush with plenty of water at a low flow rate and seek medical assitance if accidents occur.                

3. Do not swallow.

4. You can use more amount on stubborn dirt
5. Severely dirty vehicles are recommended to be washed with car wash before use it.
6. Pay attention to the cleaning of the cloth. If the cloth has been stained with a lot of dirt. Please replace it with a clean cloth.
7. Please prepare a few pieces of clean microfiber cloth or soft cloth.



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