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Product Overview


Herbal Cigarettes & Herbal Smoking Products

We offer series of unique herbal smoking products - 100% Herbal, the ingredients are potent and non addictive & approved herbs, being a non tobacco product amazingly the taste and smell is much closer to tobacco smoking products, but it’s purely herbal which satisfies and fulfill the need of traditional  smokers "The Next Generations’ Smoke"is only alternate to tobacco also helps in quit smoking.


Details on all our products and downloadable PDF are available on the below link;



Brief about Herbal Cigarettes - We offer herbal Cigarettes of its unique blending which are much closer to Tobacco and Cigar in taste. Our herbal cigarettes are defined as best herbal cigarettes of the market. Our unique blending is our USP, which helps in “easy brand shifting” from Harmful to harmless smoking, because our product is close to tobacco in smoking, due to our USP we have created and developed our market in short period of time, for flavored smoking lovers we also offer flavored herbal cigarettes in exotic fruit flavors.

Herbal Cigarettes Retail Prices (69 mm 10’s Pack) - we offer different blends in herbal cigarettes all prices are separate, there are 20 packets per carton.

1. Herbal Cigarettes 999 (Natural) - Rs. 50/ Packet (Carton of 20 Packets - Rs. 1000).

2. Herbal Cigarettes Jut-ONE - Rs. 55/ Packet (Carton of 20 Packets - Rs. 1100).

3. Herbal Cigarettes Enigma - Rs. 55/ Packet (Carton of 20 Packets - Rs. 1100).

4. Herbal Cigarettes Pheromones - Rs. 60/ Packet (Carton of 20 Packets - Rs. 1200).

5. Herbal Cigarettes Temptation - Rs. 65/ Packet (Carton of 20 Packets - Rs. 1300).

Bulk Prices

Our Bulk prices are available for minimum TEN Master Cartons (Master Carton Packing – 20 cases of 20’s packet - Prices are starting from US $ Rs. 35 / packet to Rs. 45/ packet. For bulk inquires you may contact us directly.

OEM Herbal Cigarettes - we also offer customized herbal cigarettes as per customer need in their brand. , we can develop any cigarette blend you want, we have full manufacturing facilities and only company in India with full professional set up specially and only for herbal smoking products.

Brief about Herbal Bidi, and filtered Herbal bidies - We also offer unfiltered and filtered herbal bidies, as ingredients we offer unique combination of pure legal herbs are used with unique terpenes, we offer brands like Temptation, Pheromones and Just-ONE in traditional bundle pack as well as packet pack.

We also offer Unique Terpene Profiles – Like Hats-Off, Lemon Skunk, Pink Kush etc. more details are available on the link – www.biogold.in


We also offer ready herbal blends  for - 1. Herbal Cigarettes , 2. RYO (Rolling Tobacco Type - RYO), 3. Fine Cuts for Pre-Rolled Cones, 4. Herbal Cigars and 5. Herbal Shisha

For more details you may click on link - http://www.biogold.in/pdf/Herbal%20Blends%20Prices%2010-new.pdf

We offer broad product line in Herbal smoking;

  1. Herbal Bidies and Bigarettes (Filtered Bidies like cigarette - rolled in tendu leaf instead paper)
  2. Herbal Cigars – (90 mm & 100 mm in Tube Pack)
  3. Herbal Shisha (Non tobacco and Traditional Shisha)
  4. Herbal Roll Your Own (RYO)
  5. Fill-N-Smoke Cones (Pre Rolled Cones)
  6. Herbal Blends (for Cigarette, RYO and Shisha) – www.biogold.in
  7. Terpenes, Essential oils and herbal pure extracts.

Sample Pack (Assorted all Types) – We offer Paid samples.

We are always eager to enter in new territory; we are keen to have new business alliances worldwide for our potential and innovative smoking Products.

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