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Cereal crops have long had their unwavering place in the human diet. They are very widely used in food both in whole and in processed form. It is cereals that underlie all kinds of bakery products, pasta, cereals, cereals, oils and a large variety of other products. Certain types of cereals are used to feed farm animals. Cereals have received such widespread use due to their high nutritional and energy value and high content of vitamins and minerals. 

They all have a high content of fiber and starch, proteins, fats, vitamins (in particular vitamins of group B), and essential minerals.

Wheat is the most common and widely used cereal crop. There are countless varieties of wheat that are distributed according to quality into several classes.

Wheat Grade 1 GOST R 52554-2006 and Grade 2 GOST R 52554-2006 are the highest and highest quality varieties of wheat. They are widely used in the production of bakery products, and hard varieties are used in the production of pasta. These types of wheat are also used to improve the quality of other species.
Wheat 3rd class GOST R 52554-2006 is also considered a food grade of wheat. Although this class is inferior in quality to the above, nevertheless, it does not need to be improved, and it can be safely used for food.

Wheat 4th class GOST R 52554-2006. This class can be used in food only after improving its quality by adding millet of the 1st and 2nd classes.
Wheat 5th grade GOST R 52554-2006 is already suitable only in the form of fodder for feeding farm animals and birds.






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