Auto parts for BMW e90 car upgrade throttle controller pedal commander

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POTENT BOSSTER Throttle controller can improve the car's performance by improve the throttle sensitivity.The installation is simple and you can adjust it by press the buttons on the screen. It can make you enjoy the passion & speed without any worry about the car's security.It has small size and can be applied in general cars.You worth it.

1.Simple installation,plug and play
2.Increase the throttle sensitivity
3.Avoid engine carbon deposit
4.Enjoy the passion & speed
5.Six modes to choose

Our Company

Shenzhen TROS Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2008, works on develop, produce, sale and related service for Electronic throttle controller, Jump starter etc. TROS has registered the "TROS" and "POTENT BOOSTER" two series of brands. We established a long term business cooperation relationship with international auto aftermarket company, marketing networks covers the whole world .

Production and Service: Our products were really loved by the home and abroad consumers because of innovative stable performance, good quality, and good after sales service. We insist on "quality is the vitals for our development", every items can pass the qualification test of China quality inspection agency, and CE, FCC, ROHS. After long years market test, we now are reliable enterprises in the line of car kit, car modification and vehicle performance improvement.

To be a manufacturer, we welcome you to visit our factory; our factory is big, bright and tidy, with many standard productions lines. In strictly accordance with ISO9000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, and Anti-static pattern, produced through the streamlined work, quality controlled strictly. From the material checking, production, and the made-up products we performed a perfect production management system.

With perfect technology development team and mature after-sales department, and the development slogan of "TROS makes the vehicle life easier", insist on technical innovation, keep improving, we continue to develop. In the future, we will devote on continuous improvement of the product performance and new items development, focus on popular and worthful products, we will do our best to be the NO. One in this line.

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Q1.How Potent Booster works?

Potent Booster is a device that is installed onto the electronic throttle body . This plug and play device remap the signal to the throttle controller by way of a car specific software to force the throttle body to open up more than original stock setting. This will in effect make your car feel more powerful than before as little effort is needed to achieve "full throttle". As such, this device will only work in cars equipped with an electronic throttle controller or drive-by-wire. Rest assured, Potent Booster works within the parameters of a car's electronic systems and also within the car manufacturer's values.

Q2.Do you need Potent Booster?

After market accessories may not be suitable for everyone but ask yourself if you ever experienced such situations.
The car does not seem to want to accelerate even when you "floor it".
Going uphill requires extra effort as you need to wait for the gear to downshift. Your car feels sluggish when you overtaking. You want to bring more fun back to your driving.
If you answer "yes" to any of the above. YES, you need Potent Booster.
Potent Booster is a simple device that is most effective in low to mid rpm range. And this is how the average car is being driven in today's stop start traffic.

Q3.Can a car with a "sports" mode setting use Potent Booster?

Yes, irregardless of any "sports" mode or any modifications you may have done to your car (exhaust, ECU tuning, performance chip etc.),Potent Booster will work independently. In short, if you do not have a "sports" mode nor did any modification, Potent Booster will unleash the "true" potential of your car. Think of it as having a "sports" button for cars without one. If you did modifications, Potent Booster will further enhance your car's performance.

Q4.Will use Potent Booster affect the fuel consumption?

Potent Booster itself do not increase fuel consumption and very much dependent on the driving style.

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