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Feed corn - this is a very popular type of feed in agriculture. This is an ideal, concentrated feed product, which is included in the diet of cattle and small cattle, pigs, poultry, rabbits.

Delivery cost is determined additionally taking into account the place of delivery. Corn feed corn has a very rich carbohydrate composition. For this reason, it is a feed with great energy value. In combination with the fodder of legumes (lupine, peas), fodder corn is a balanced compound feed. Feed corn: quality characteristics This type of feed has a number of unique nutritional properties that distinguish it from other types of feed.

So, in corn contains:

 • starch - up to 70%;

 • fat - up to 8%;

 • protein - up to 10%.

The sale of feed corn is very widespread, since this feed is best absorbed by the animal body. Its energy value is very high. However, one should not think that “I will buy feed corn and get the perfect feed”. There is not enough protein in this feed. That is why it is recommended to use it in combination with meal and cake, rich in proteins - soybean, sunflower, etc. In addition, the combination of leguminous plants with hay has proven effectiveness. Feed corn: application The feed product is suitable for inclusion in the diet of all types of farm animals - cattle and small cattle, horses, pigs, as well as poultry and even fish. It is especially effective to use feed corn as feed for pigs and poultry. If you buy bulk corn in bulk, you can create an ideal nutritional base primarily for young animals. This is due to the critically low fiber content, due to which the feed is most productively absorbed by the body of young animals and birds from the very first days of life. For pigs, this type of food is recommended to be used because it contains a large amount of lysine, which is necessary for the body. In addition, contributes to the proper growth and development of animal protein, which is also found in large quantities in feed corn.

We offer to purchase high-quality fodder corn in bulk. The nutritional qualities of this product are the highest, and therefore the price of feed corn is quite reasonable. However, our company is ready to sell feed corn at the most affordable price.

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