Ketogenic c8 oil mct fat burn coffee powder Ketogenic c8 oil mct fat burn coffee powder

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Product Overview


Ketogenic c8 oil mct fat burn coffee powder

Product Description

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Keto Fat burn Bulletproof Coffee instant powder

Product Name   Keto Coffee with C8 MCT Oil
Powder Type   C8 MCT oil instant coffee powder
Packaging Details   20g/ Sachet Pack
Main function   Help people who want to lose weight through keto diet
Flavor   Mellow Coffee Flavor With Very Good Taste
Ingredients   Coffee powder (Arabica Bean), C8 MCToil, frass-fed butter, organic ghee        and coconut oil.
Ingredients introduction

By combining Arabicacoffee powder with MCT oil,C8 MCT oil, frass-fed butter, organic ghee and coconut oil, we developed a new smooth tasting Bulletproof keto coffee choice with high fat and zero carb.Packedin 20g sachet for retail sales and bulk pack of 5kg for distributor. Quickly replenishes mind and body energy. Low sugar, low protein. Light and smooth taste.

Place of origin: Taiwan

Effective date: as indicated; shelf life 24 months

Storage: Store in a cool dry place

How to use: Add 120~150ml hot water, stir well and drink. Adjust the taste according to your personal preference

true one keto change ab1C8 Keto Coffee LP R05-3 FAQ 

Q: What is the principle of ketogenic / low carbon weight loss?
A: These diets mainly control the intake of carbohydrates. When the amount of carbohydrate intake is reduced, the fat is decomposed and burned as an energy source, thereby achieving the effect of reducing fat.


Q: Why are some nutrients labeled with high levels of carbohydrates, but ketones can be eaten?
A: The “high-carbohydrate” food that ketose can eat is actually “high dietary fiber” food.

Q: Why does keto diet fail?

A: Most people would like to say that I may not be suitable for ketones, but I must say that the vast majority of people have encountered this problem. The real reason is to "eat the wrong". First, eating too much carbon water or protein, but fat is not enough. Second, supplements far more than the calories they consume.


Q: How long does it will take effect?
A: It is generally recommended that 10-14 days be a cycle. With proper exercise, it will get good results.


Q: Which type of people is not suitable for keto diet drink?
A: Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before using this preparation. This product should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. Patients with kidney disease and diabetes, please consult your doctor.



Ketogenic c8 oil mct fat burn coffee powderKeto coffee powder17

Ketogenic c8 oil mct fat burn coffee powder


1. Using the good nature oil to burn your bad fat. Help you to lose weight.
2. Your spirit getting better.
3. Maintain your physical strength.
4. Increase your mental and sports energy
5. Reduce you to get diabetes opportunities.
6. You will have sense of being full
All above advantages will let you healthier for dieter.eto Fat Burn Low Carbs Matcha Latte MCT Powder

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 Ketogenic c8 oil mct fat burn coffee powder

We are looking for brand owner, online/offline distributer, wholesalers to be our partner. We help you to develop your local potential dieters’ market. And provide the best nature and healthy ketogenic oil or powder products for you. Not only benefit yourself but also for helping you to let your consumer more understand and know in new type ketogenic healthy diet way.

Different Retail packing package /sachet /bag
Different printing or label sticker cover. Produce your own packing cover. Different package you can choose. 20g sachet / 250g bag.

Ketogenic c8 oil mct fat burn coffee powder

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