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  • We are often asked how the multi power system on models such as the Massey Ferguson 65, 135, 165 etc. works. What really seems to intrigue people is that the engine braking system works when in high multi-power, but there is no engine braking when in low multi-power………

    With the multi-power system there is one hydraulic clutch pack and also a ratchet type assembly. When in low multi the hydraulic clutch is dissengaged and the drive goes through a pair of gears into a ratchet clutch which takes the drive to the gearbox. There is no engine breaking in low multi because of the ratchet clutch. When you move the transmission to high multi it locks up the hydraulic clutch and the hydraulic clutch gear drives another gear. Because the drive is now turning faster than through the low-multi ratchet clutch, this now becomes a free-wheeling device. It is for this reason that there is engine braking in high multi power, but no engine braking in low multi power.
    This is also why if you are in high multi going up a hill and you depress the clutch pedal that whilst in gear no roll-back can occur because of the ratchet clutch. ie. both systems are locked together. The hydraulic multi-power clutch is not torque converter, but is merely a multi-plate hydraulically operated clutch pack. The good thing about this is that there is no loss of power through to the gearbox.
    The clutch is a conventional clutch and so is the 3 speed gearbox.



    Product Type:

    1. Farm Machinery
    2. Farm tools
    3. Agricultural Machinery
    4. Agricultural Implements
    5. Farm Equipments
    6. Maize Sheller
    7. Rice Thresher
    8. Rice Huller
    9. Rice polisher
    10. Wheat thresher



    Massey Ferguson 385 85 Hp Four Wheel Agriculture Tractor:


    Massey Ferguson MF385-4WD Tractor is The Long Term Partner Most Powerful ,Most Economical,High Performance 4.41Low noise engine


    Massey Ferguson MF 385-4WD Tractor is unique in the field of tractor with its following features.

    Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD Tractor has High Performance 4.41 Low noise Engine

    Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD Reduce Gaseous Emissions under ECE R49

    Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD Reduce Smoke Level

    Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD has Oil cooler Added for Effective Cooling

    Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD has Hydrostatic Power Steering

    Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD has Efficient oil immersed disc brake system

    Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD is Low prices Massey Ferguson tractor


    We Export Brand New:

    Massey Ferguson Tractor 240                 50 Hp & 2Wd

    Massey Ferguson Tractor 260                  60 Hp & 2Wd

    Massey Ferguson Tractor 375s                 75 Hp & 2Wd

    Massey Ferguson Tractor 385 2wd             85 Hp & 2Wd

    Massey Ferguson Tractor 385 4wd           85 Hp & 4 WD

    Fiat / new Holland 480 Tractors                 55 HP & 2Wd

    Fiat / new Holland 640 Tractors                 75 HP & 2WD

    Fiat / New Holland 640s Tractors               85 HP & 2WD

    John Deere 720                                              72 Hp & 2Wd


    Our Offered Agricultural Implements are manufactured according to Massey Ferguson's design and specifications.


    We provide most competitive prices and best quality Massey Ferguson tractors and agricultural implements and after sales service.


    Our Tractors, Disc Harrows, Disc Ploughs, Front loaders, Trailers and other farm machines have won the international markets due to best quality & competitive prices. Pictures & specifications of all products & implements are available on our website.


    Your all inquiries regarding Massey Ferguson Tractors, Fiat Tractors & John Deere Tractors , three wheel Rickshaws & implements, their quantity, port of discharge would be warm welcomed and efficiently respond by us.



    Aeco’s ambition is to be one of the premier auto and agriculture implements & products companies as well as an import / export (consultancy) resource for clients to partner with. It’s a goal that keeps us stretching all the time and yet keeps us focused on the key elements that maximizes the value proposition we provide to our clients.



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    Product NameMassey Ferguson 385 85 Hp Four Wheel Agriculture Tractor
    Place of OriginUk
    Brand NameMassey ferguson tractor
    Model NumberMassey Ferguson 385 four wheel drive tractor
    TypeWheel Tractor
    By wheel4WD
    UsageFarm Tractor
    Sun Canopy ( optional)Swinging Draw bar ( optional)
    Front Loader ( optional)Farm tractor(Optional)
    Disc plough (optional)Disc harrow ( optional)
    Minimum Order QuantityAny Quantity Buyers demand
    PortAny Port Buyers require
    Packaging Details3 units of MF 385 4wd CBU Condition in 1 X 40 feet container 6 units of MF 385 2wd SKD Condition in 1 X 40 feet container Few farming implements and accessories can also be loaded in same containers
    Delivery TimeReadily available
    Supply AbilityWe are always proud to meet buyers demanding quantity



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