Charming Happy Afternoon Hanging Coffee

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Product Overview


Product Name
Happy Afternoon
Coffee Bean
Roast Type
High Roast
Shelf Life
18 Months
Weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Drip Coffee
Rich savor & Full mellow body
Cultivation Type
FSSC22000/Halal/UTZ C
10g/pcs, 10pcs/bag, 10bags/carton
Product Display
Catamona Drip Coffee
Golden Cup
Catamona consists of dedicated sales, marketing and service professionals who provide coffee.
According Gold Cup 1:15 . Suitable for pour over coffee, machine to make coffee.
Contents grind coffee short or over weight.
It will lead to poor flavor.
Nitrogen Preservation Technology
Catamona using the latest nitrogen preservation technology. The shelf life is over one year. We recommend to pour over coffee, is going to teat to better flavor.
Without nitrogen preservation technology the shelf life is much shorter, also lead to poor flavor.
Quality Control
The Catamona coffee bean packaging has a built-in "one-way breathable flap" that helps remove excess carbon dioxide from the bag. Catamona attaches great importance to the quality of goods. We use a pure aluminum foil bag that is thicker than the other brands, which can effectively block the light source and moisture, and achieve the effect of keeping the coffee beans fresh.
Non-automatic Coffee Factory.
Food Safety
Catamona is Taiwan's first coffee factory passed FSSC 22000 in Taiwan.
And we have Halal, UTZ, Tse-Xin Organic, and Rainforest alliance.
With any certification.
Green Beans
Green beans are import from different countries and Region and roasted in our own factory in Taiwan.
Raw material is easily overlooked
Professional Coffee Team
Catamona has SCA Coffee Diploma Barista, Roasting, Golden Cup, and SCA $ CQI Coffee Quality institute Q Arabica Grader.
Nonprofessional coffee team
Craftsman of coffee
Company Profile
The World’s Finest Coffee ─ Catamona

Catamona was founded in 1998. The name of Catamona is derived from Spanish which CATA means “Taste” while MONA means“ Wonderful ”. We hope through a good cup of coffee that everyone could experience a wonderful life.
Since Catamona was established, we have been continuously improving our competiveness and product’s quality. Catamona was a first fully-automatic coffee factory in Taiwan. In the meantime, coffee education center was established which continuous training our employee to receive international  certification. We expect to provide most well-round coffee services to our customers.
Catamona  Advantage 

✦ Top roaster equipment with rapid cooling technology
Roast coffee’s temperature can be cool down to 36~37℃ in one minute which the flavor of
coffee can be completely preserved.
Nitrogen filling packaging
Throughout closed nitrogen-filled pipeline, keep product preserve and fresh
Secondary combustion device
Secondary combustion device to avoid environmental pollution
About US
Payment & Delivery

Brewing Steps of Drip Bag Coffee

1. Tear coffee bag horizontally from the mark on the top.
2. hang up on the rim of the cup using the handy hooks on either side of the coffee bag.
3. Slowly pour 180c.c-200c.c of boiling water divided by 2-3 times, at the first of pouring. steep seconds, and then pour the rest of the boiling water. ( please do not let ground coffee overflow!)
4. After you have poured all of the boiling water, drain bag, remove and enjoy your coffee.
( if you need heavy taste, after pouring, steep 30 seconds more.)
* Only brewing one time.

Can Drip Bag Coffee Brew By Ice Water?

It is recommended to put 120 grams of ice cubes first, then brew with 120~150cc. hot water (90~96 degrees).

Is Ok for with Milk(Drip Bag Coffee)?

It is recommended not to add milk. The design of drip bag coffee, from formula, roasting, grinding to filter paper, is to present a cup of fragrant black coffee. It is recommended to taste the original flavor. If it must be added, please add a small amount to retain the coffee concentration and aroma.

About Nitrogen Filling Packaging

Why is the shelf life of drip bag coffee so long (18 months)?Each pack of drip coffee coffee is filled with nitrogen to keep the coffee fresh. The filter-type coffee that has been tested for nitrogen storage can be stored for up to 18 months with the same flavor.

How Much Is the Caffeine Content?

The caffeine content is indicated on the outer packaging. The amount of caffeine will vary depending on the time you brew! In addition, the caffeine content of "Decaf '" approaches zero, so it is displayed as 0 on the label. Each adult can drink about 1-3 cups per day (about 200cc per cup).

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