100% Refined Cheap Corn Oil For Sale

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Product Overview


1 Relative density (20°S/water temperature 20°S) 0.917-0.925
2 Refractive index (temperature 40° S)
Refractive index (temperature 25° S)
3 Humidity & volatile matters (Minimum) 0.20% in temperature 105° S
4 Insoluble impurities incl.corn germ (Minimum) 0.05%
5 Saponification value (Hydoxide potassium/g oil) 187-193
6 Saponifications non-accessible matters ( g/kg.) Minimum 15.0
7 Soap content (Minimum) 0.005%
8 Total titratable acidity (Oleic Acid/ g oil) (Minimum) 0.3%
9 Peroxide value (ml active oxygen) Minimum 06
10 Peroxide value ( ml active oxygen) Minimum 10.0
11 Iodine value (Wages Method) 103-128


  • The product should be prepared according to general healthy regulations and conditions related to
    Alimentation Heath affairs, including the instructions issued by health authorities.

  • The quantity of Dioxin should not be more than 075 Bg/g oil.

  • The quantity of Zearalenone should not be more than 200 Mg/Kg.

  • The quantity of Benzo(a)pyrene should not be more than 2.0 Mg/Kg.

  • The quantity of Fumonisins B1+B2 should not be more than 1000 Mg/Kg.

  • The value of metal toxic waste should not be more than the figuring following limits on the table:
    Element Mg/Kg
    Iron 1.5
    Bronze 0.1
    Zinc 0.1
    Zernike 0.1

  • The value of Pesticides residues should not be more than the figuring the following limits on the table:
    Pesticide name Mg/Kg
    Phorate 0.02
    Metgomyl 0.02
    Chlorpyrifos 0.2
    Propargite 0.5

  • The value of radiations should not be more than allowed limits according to Libyan Standard
    Specifications no. (595) issued in 2009, concerning the maximum limits of radiations levels residues
    in alimentations and mineral water.

  • It’s allowed to add mentioned substances approved by standardization of Alimentation Consitution
    Committee no. (192/2008), pertaining to alimentation addictive substances, and its modifications
    issued by the National Center for Standardization & Metrology.

  • Package:

  • The product is packaged in proper, new, clean, suitable, and well-closed pots, made from allowed
    metal in foodstuff packaging and covering, according to related standard specifications.

  • The full corn oil size should not be less than 90% (size/size) from the capacity of the pot.

  • Transportation:

  • The products are transported in clean and dry transportation means, protecting it from exterior
    impacts and factors.

  • Storage:

  • The products should be stored in clean, healthy and well-aired warehouses, away from heat, direct
    sunlight, and different pollution sources.

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