TIG-200P Welding Machine Inverter Digital Igbt Ac Dc Tig Welder Digital

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Product Overview


TIG-200P Welding Machine Inverter Digital Igbt Ac Dc Tig Welder Digital


1. Ideal for welding aluminum,stainless steek,copper,alloy steel.

2.When using with tig function,press knob for 5 seconds to start intelligent digitization mode:all parameters will beset automatically,simplely adjust the current knob to start welding,it is very convenient for layman welding.

3.AC Auto-Balance automatically adjusts for the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration when welding aluminum. 

4. Pulsing functions help minimize heat input on thin materials, and provide for a faster freezing weld puddle for uphill welding on curved surfaces such as process piping.

5.The TIG pulser also helps moderate filler metal deposition for consistent bead appearance. 

6.Ideally suited for maintenance operations and other external operations.

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Rated Input Voltage(V)
1ph 230±15%
Input Frequency(Hz)
  Rated Input Power(KVA) 7
No-load Voltage(V)
Output Voltage(V)
Output Current(A)

  Duty Cycle(%)

Up Slop(S)
Pulse Frequency(HZ)
Pulse Frequency Ratio
  Down Slop(S) 0.1-5
 Post-Plow(S) 5-25
 Clean Up(%) 25-75
 AC Frequency(HZ) 50-150
 Protection Class IP21S
 New Weight(KG) 11



Main Features:

Slope UP


Slowp Down

Thermal Protect


Hot Start

Gas Check

Gas post-flow

Product Details

tig ac dc (5).jpgtig ac dc (6).jpgtig ac dc (7).jpg

Cheap 2 in 1 function digital control tig/mma welder poste a souder tig ac dc

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Packaging & Shipping

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Company Profile


Zhejiang Zelda Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd specialize in manufacturing welding machines and air compressors for 15 years, we believe in pushing our limits, our team members are constantly learning what we didnt know before, hence creating a new perspective towards business,collectively. our purpose however is to enlighten the end user and help the labor community to be more productive at their work. we belive that exceeding their power to understand and learn can make the world a better polace to live in.Join us and exceed your power to do business.



1.Do you sell retail?

No, we do not sell in retail. We ship our products in bulk, usually 40 Feet High Cube Containers, but 20 Feet containers are also acceptable.
2.Are you a manufacturing company?
We are manufacturing as well as a trading company.
3.What makes you different from other companies?
We work in the hardware capital of China and we know most of the factories working methods, culture, business style, key persons and other relevant details. We look beyond a business which is just product based. We strongly believe that having a good positive working culture and put together a skilled and motivated team can reflect on our products and the service provided to our customers.
4.I have not heard of Zelda before, are you a new company?
Zelda was established since 2015 by a team of members with exceptional knowledge and with over 10 years of experience in the Hardware Industry.
5.Can you make your machines under my brand?
Yes, we can, If it matches the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).
6.What kind of warranty does Zelda have?
We provide a 1-year warranty to most of our machines. For more information, please send the product number and send an email to us.
7.Do you give discounts?
It totally depends on the specific product and the quantity you are ordering. We always quote our customers fairly and our prices are usually lower than the market rates in China. We do not provide discounts jeopardizing the product or service quality.
8.Why should I choose you?
This is a question in many buyers mind, Zelda is a new generation company with great products and service, and we are a skill-oriented company. We believe in smart work and hard work combined. We never lose sight of our customer's requirements. We provide world-class training sessions to our staff and our associates, yes "world class", don't believe us? We cordially welcome you to come and observe one of our sessions.
9.Do you offer any technical support?
Yes, we have engineers ready to assist customers with technical support problems, any issues that may arise during the quoting or installation process, as well as aftermarket support.

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