quartz tube carbon fiber heating lamp

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quartz tube carbon fiber heating lamp


Product Description


Carbon Fiber Quartz Electric Heater Tube (CFQEH)

Carbon fiber quartz electric heater is a new electric heating product applying carbon fiber as heating material and an ideal article for air and water heating in many fields of industry,agriculture and others.


1. Energy saving: CFQEH keeps working on a rated operating power and cannot produce in stantaneous larger power when switch on and off ,so it has the advantage of energy saving for heating uniformity ,rapid heat-up response and 98% electric heating transfer ratio of carbon fiber.
2. Long service life: 6000 hours
3. Health-care Carbon fiber emits infrared ray of 8-14 micron which can be almost absorbed by human body, so resonance forms between atom and molecule of cell inside human body. All of these can make a high temperature of skin and hypodermis to warm body and achieve aims such as renewing physical force ,speeding blood circulation ,promoting metabolism and improving immune function of human body etc..


Carbon Fiber Infrared Heat Lamp



l        Halogen type, which avoids blackening of tube and consequently infrared depreciation during lifetime

l        Ideal, high-power heat source for a wide range of industrial heating applications

l        Economic heat source,90% of energy is transmitted as infrared heat

l        Medium-long wave infrared radiates

l        Clean, safe, Green heat source

l        Compact infrared heat source

l        Fast response within 8-15 seconds to reach 100% power output after be electrified and cool down quickly

l        Long Lifetime

l        Easy to install & low charge of maintenance and replacement

l        Dimmable from 0-100% for heat to match your needs


Parameter of quartz tube:

Wavelenght Rangemedium wave infrared radiates
Life Time6000h
Heating Resistance WireCarbon fiber wire
MaterialGrade A Baked quartz tube
ShapeStraight, C, U,Round,Pear,spiral
Outer Diameter6,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,18,20,23,35,50mm
Burning PositionHorizontal/Universal
CableAs buyer's demand
Color Temperature1500K
Response Time1-2 sec
Conversion Efficiency


Technical Parameters:  
- VOLT: 100, 110, 120, 220, 230, 240V
- WATT: 50-2500W
- HZ: 50-60 HZ
- Electricity saving ratio: 30%
- Infrared normal direction radiant ratio:
- Electric heat transformation ratio:
- Operating temperature:  
1800 Celsius degree
- Highest heat temperature endured: 1100 Celsius degree
- Color temperature: 900-1500 Celsius degree
- Surface temperature: 500-900 Celsius degree
- Continuous servicing hour: 6,000-8,000H 

Don’t touch CFQEH when working because of high temperature and prohibit putting anything on it.

Photos of quartz tube:


quartz tube 

quartz tube 

quartz tube 

quartz tube 

quartz tube 




quartz tube


Applications of quartz tube:

infrared cabins  •coolers & ovens   •food warming &fast baking •plastics thermoforming  • blowing of plastic bottles  • softening and melting of plastics  • paint drying in tunnels and body shops  • paper drying in paper mills  • powder coating  • drying of lacquers and printing inks  • heat sterilization



quartz tube


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