Zero residual chlorine and zero ozone hydrogen rich water machine

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Product Overview


NameHydroen Water Generator QualificationSGS test report
ModelH102 Size6.5cm*H20cm
Net weight370g charging interface1000AH lithium battery
Water to be uesdMineral water Processing time5min
Hydrogen concentration700ppb Electrode plates materialPure titanium platinum


Small molecular water,antioxidant ,Scavenging free radicals
1,Drinkis clean hydrogen water for everyone disregarding the time and place.

2.titanium platinum electrolysis systen, hydrogen from water quick and safe the strongly dissolves oxygen and spreads it ionto water molecule

3.Hydrogen water is molecule zise contains dissolved hydeogen than plays role of anti-oxidants.

4.This generator can generate rich hydrogen water form mineral or purified water only with one -touch at anytime, and anywhere. 5.Contain a great amount of reductive potential H2

6,Eliminates toxic Ros

7. Produce nonposionous and pure water

8.Min. over 800ppb high ratio of dissolved hydrogen

9,Maintain disolved hydrogen for a long time

10. Maintain a large amount of dissolved hydrogen despite the temperature change001c002c005c003c004c

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