5mm*50m high temperature resistance self-adhesive die-cut copper tape conductive copper foil tape

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Product Overview


5mm*50m high temperature resistance self-adhesive die-cut copper tape conductive copper foil tape


Copper foil tape

Copper foil tape, single-sided conductive copper foil hose, is a kind of electromagnetic radiation interference shielding effect, ultraviolet light shielding, grounding electrostatic discharge, single-sided conductive effect is good, can be used for welding. 

Material and Specification

 1) Copper foil, acrylic glue


 2) Adhesives: hot-melt /rubber/acrylic adhesive


 3) Size: 5mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) Default 8mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 10mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 12mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 15mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 18mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 20mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 25mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 30mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 40mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 50mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 100mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness) 300mm*50m*0.065mm(Width/Length/Thickness)

There are also 0.1mm and 0.15mm  thickness


4) Features: Conductive / shielded

Applications Copper foil tape:

1 For electrostatic discharge

2 Shielding ultraviolet light

3 Direct welding  

Physical Properties:



Copper foil tape 

Conductive function

Double-sided conduction

Adhesive Type

acrylic glue


easy tear textile fiber


Red copper

Total Thickness


Width & Length

5mm*50m, 8mm*50m, 10mm*50m, 12mm*50m, 15mm*50m, 18mm*50m,

20mm*50m,  25mm*50m, 30mm*50m, 40mm*50m, 50mm*50m, 100mm*50m

Initial adhesion

45 degree 11# steel ball test 1.2kg/2.5cm2


25 degrees C

Storage humidity



Low temperature-10°C   high temperature 110°C



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The MILEQI brand was incorporated in Shenzhen, China in January 2014. It is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Xingweifeng Adhesive Tape Technology Co., Ltd. It is a wholly-owned enterprise specializing in research and production outside the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Up to now, Shenzhen Xingweifeng Adhesive Tape Technology Co., Ltd. has established 3 production bases, 1 technical center and 1 R&D center in China, 1 mature foreign trade order team, 1 e-commerce team and 1 line. The next entity receives the order team.
The MILEQI brand is committed to developing innovative technologies and products that meet the needs of customers around the world, and focuses on the development of innovative talents. At present, the MILEQI brand has mature R&D personnel and production teams, and strives to be service-oriented and of high quality.


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