Flat Blasting Bursting Disc with Groove YC LP Rupture Disc Rupture Disk For Gas Liquid and Dust

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Product Overview




Flat Blasting Disc with Groove


Flat blasting disc with groove is a kind of "cross" or annular weakening groove machined on one side of circular metal diaphragm. When the blasting pressure is reached, the blasting disc ruptures along the weakening groove. When PC blasting disc is directly clamped between flanges, sealing gaskets should be bonded on both sides of the blasting disc.


Technical characteristics:


♦ Usually used in large diameter pipes with very low pressure, medium or high back pressure, debris-free occasions.

♦ It is suitable for gas, liquid and dust.

♦ The fatigue resistance is general, and it is not suitable for the occasion where the pressure fluctuation is large.

♦ The maximum working pressure can reach 80% of the minimum blasting pressure.



Electric power industry

The series of special explosive discs for vacuum-resistant and leak-free power equipment is one of the leading products of our company. They are widely used in gas-insulated closed switchgear, such as SF6 current transformer, circuit breaker, GIS combined electrical appliances, etc.

Petrochemical industry

Various types of blasting discs have been widely used in petrochemical industry, and the safety problems caused by various overpressures of petrochemical equipment have been well solved. The representative industries of product application are: PVC, PTA, polysilicon, etc.

Food and Medicine industry

The special blasting discs made of safe and non-toxic materials which meet the requirements of the health industry have been widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries. The products are non-scaling, easy to clean and highly sealed, and are suitable for clamping fast clamp flanges. The company specializes in the production of various shapes of explosive discs for explosive dust industry - round, square, ellipse, trapezoidal, etc. It has the advantages of large size, good dynamic response to rapid pressure rise, no accumulation of materials, etc., and has been widely recognized by the market.

New energy industry

The special blasting disc for lithium batteries, wind turbines and other new energy equipment manufactured by special technology is a new product developed by our company in recent years.

Dust industry

We provide you with protection solutions to effectively suppress, isolate and discharge flammable dust.

Nuclear power industry

Blasting discs for large caliber nuclear power industry. The blasting disc is of semi-circular structure with bolts clamped around it. The maximum relief diameter can reach more than 2500 mm, which meets the requirements of large discharge in nuclear power and other industries.

Cryogenic gas industry

Blasting discs (valves) for cryogenic gases are clamped by threads and welds. The products have the advantages of easy installation, low temperature resistance and no leakage, which meet the requirements of special industries. The company also has a special process to manufacture low temperature relief valves, which can be used for - 196 C.



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