polyacrylonitrile fiber price low with high quality PAN fiber

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Compared with polypropylene fibers, polyacrylonitrile fibers have higher tensile strength, better ultraviolet resistance and high temperature and cold resistance, which can significantly reduce the early cracking of cement concrete and enhance the impermeability. It can significantly improve the toughness and strength of cement concrete, enhance its anti-freezing ability and prolong its service life.


This product is used in asphalt concrete, which can improve the high temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance and durability of asphalt concrete. Tianyi polyacrylonitrile fiber in concrete has attracted extensive attention in the industry and has a broad prospect.




Improve the anti-cracking and anti-seepage performance of cement concrete and improve its durability

Improving the Toughness and Strength of Cement Concrete

Improving the High Temperature Stability of Asphalt Concrete

Improvement of Low Temperature Cracking Resistance of Asphalt Concrete

Improvement of Durability and Fatigue Resistance of Asphalt Concrete

Improving Water Stability and Toughness of Asphalt Concrete




Cement concrete:

Cement Concrete Pavement and Guardrail Dam of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project

Jet/Pump Concrete for Airport Running-in and Parking Pavement

Basement Side Wall, Floor and Roof Waterproof Storage Pool, Swimming Pool, Decay Pool

Overpass, pier warehouse, building interior and exterior mortar surface

Cement prefabricated boards and components


Asphalt concrete:

New and Old Asphalt Concrete Pavement Cover

Paving asphalt concrete wear layer and gas film layer on bridge deck

Thin Asphalt Concrete Cover of Old Asphalt Pavement and Old Cement Pavement

Strengthened runway and apron of Airport

Pavement Reinforcement and Repair and Strengthened Roadside


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