Прямая продажа с завода, однофазный и трехфазный электронный измеритель электроэнергии, предоплата IC Card

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Prepaid energy meter IC card for money recharge 


I. main indicators:

A 32-bit protection memory;

Low of 256 bytes;

3 byte user password, password error count: 3 times;

Low temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;

At least 100,000 scratch-writing;

At least 10 years data retention period.

Working voltage: 5V.

Ii. Confidentiality:

1. Each byte of the protected area (the first 32 bytes) can be individually written and protected, and the content is not

Rechangeable (i.e., solidified data).

2. Before the password is checked correctly, all data can be read. If necessary, the data can be properly encrypted.

3. If the password is correct, it can be written or modified.

4. Three bytes of user password, check the correct after itself can be changed, effective until the card.

5. The password error counter, the initial value is 3, the password is checked for error 1 time, and then minus 1, if the counter value is 0, then

The card is automatically locked, the data can be read out and cannot be changed or password checked again.If it's not zero,

Once the password is checked correctly, the initial value can be restored.

6. The byte address 21 ~ 26 is the user code, which can be used by our company to set up a global unique code for large users

User unified distribution (all CARDS are not to be modified after delivery).

7. The byte address 0 ~ 5, 6 ~ 7 is written by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, which cannot be changed.

Third, pay attention to

The code area is also addressed, not in 0~255 bytes.

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Q: What are we doing?
A: Manufacturing and researching wide range digital panel meter,such as Ammeter,Voltmeter,Frequency Meter,Power meter,Power Factor Meter,Energy Meter,Combined Meter,Multimeter,Temperature and Humidity Controller,Also Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch.
Q: What's the advantage compared to other suppliers?
1 .We use new fire resistant Raw Material. 2. The inside components,such as the Transformer is stronger and more stable than others 3. We have our own technical department which can offer better support for the program and quality control. 4. By using the professional marking machine imported from Japan,we can print beautiful LOGO for you.
Q:What is the MOQ of our products?
A:The MOQ for this product is only 1 set. Because we are a proffesional factory,we can do it for you and also control everything better than others
Q:What is the payment of our company?
A. T/T,Western Union and Pay pa I is acceptable for us.
Q:How is our customer service?
A: all our sales representatives can speak fluent English. They will answer all of your questions in 24 hours.AII of our producst have 3 Years' warranty for digital panel meters. OEM orders are also available
Q:What others can we offer?
A: Based on the wide product range, we offer the best One-Stop sourcing service. We will definitely save you a lot of time, and based on our huge quantity of shipment, we can get the best shipping service from the best forwarders. This will also help you to save a lot on the shipment.



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