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How many PowerCubes can be combined?

In theory, PowerCubes can be extended infinitely, as long as the devices connected to them do not draw more than the specified rating on the PowerCube. However, we recommend to attach no more than three PowerCubes together.

Is the PowerCube safe to use with a power hungry device, like e.g. a microwave?

The PowerCube is as safe as any other power outlet, and built to last. Also, the PowerCube is fully grounded, and all sockets are child-proof.

What differentiates the PowerCube from other power strips?

Versatility: it can be mounted anywhere with its unique docking system. The design of the product also ensures that plugs cannot block one another, so devices can be charged simultaneously. Furthermore, its modular system enables it to be stackable and expandable, allowing you to create a power solution tailored to your needs.

We created a completely new user experience of an existing product, making it user-friendly and more versatile.

How long does it take to charge a device via the USB-output?

The USB ports provide 2.1A of power combined, quadruple the USB standard of 0.5A. As a result the charging time will be shorter than charging via a USB port on your computer. There is a built-in chip that detects how many devices are connected and adjusts the output according to this. So if only one device is connected, it will be able to use the full 2.1A output. If two are connected, they share this total output.

Can I charge my iPad via the USB-output?

The minimum required power to charge an iPad is 1A. Since all of our USB-ports have a 2.1A output, it is powerful enough to charge your iPad.

How come the PowerRemote does not use any batteries?

By pressing the button, enough kinetic energy is created to send a pulse to the PowerCube Remote.

How many Remotes can be paired?

Our unique dedicated protocol allows you to pair unlimited remotes to a single cube and visa versa.

Will the battery of the audioCube |Portable| or PowerUSB |Portable| be damaged if I leave it charged for a long time?

All our products that use battery have an automatic ‘safe charge stop’ implemented inside. This ensures that even when the battery is full, the products can continue to be charged without damaging the battery.

Why is the audioCube charged with an IEC cable?

The audioCube is a high-powered speaker with a louder volume and higher decibel than normal bluetooth speakers. For this reason, it has an integrated power adapter connected with an IEC outlet to provide the extra power directly from the socket.

How many times can the PowerUSB|Portable| fully charge my phone/device?

This depends on the battery capacity of your device. If the battery capacity of your device is for example 1000mAh, the PowerUSB |Portable| can fully charge it 5 times.

Are your products available for my country?

There are many different socket types around the world, 15 to be precise. We adapt our products to all socket types and local standards so they can be used in every country.

Are your products certified?

All of our products comply to the required local standards and regulations.

How do you protect your products against look-alikes?

At Allocacoc, we are designers at heart. We create solutions to problems, which results in original products. As our products gain popularity, ‘remarkably similar’ products are starting to appear on the market. We don’t feel threatened though. Rather, we feel honoured that they also see the greatness of the product. Being copied is the greatest recognition a product can get. This also confirms that we really do set a different standard.

That being said, we also take action to protect our products by focusing on the following aspects:

  Protection of our intellectual property rights on internal construction, design and utility

  Continuously innovating, never stopping the flow of ideas for new products

  An extensive focus on build quality and product safety

  Taking into consideration the complete user experience and safety of our products, from packaging, installation to extensive usage.

   A good pricing strategy. Even before we start to design a product, we already have a target price in mind. This enables us to make crucial decisions throughout the entire process, and ensures that all of our products will be affordable to the end-consumer. We also do not charge any ‘design fees’ or other hidden costs that some copycats do, which makes their copy more expensive than our original.

By focusing on these key aspects, we are confident that we can maintain the lead in the industry and continue to set a different standard.

Where can I find more information on the products of Allocacoc?

On our website, you will find the latest company news, products, and additional information. We also post regular updates on Facebook and Twitter, and we welcome you to follow us there too!

We hope you are as enthusiastic about our products as we are! Stay with us for more products to come!

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