Excellent quality YL Single phase AC 4hp 220v dynamo motor with good price

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Product Overview


Excellent quality YL Single phase AC 4hp 220v dynamo motor with good price   

1.Caring has hundreds of intelligent processing equipment.
2.Caring has passed the ISO9001 management system certification.Electric motor obtains the corresponding CCC and CE certificate.
3.Caring Has won more than 30 national technology patents and several provincial honors.cutting pump gains national invention patents.

4.Our energy saving motor can start and work operate stably at 170V voltage. And it can reach the first level energy efficiency standard.

Product Description



YL90 type 2-pole single-phase energy-saving motor series has 1100W, 1300W, 1500W, 1800W, 2300W, 2600W, 3000W altogether seven models. Energy-saving motor has a wider application range than ordinary motor voltage, lower voltage resistance, 170V can continue to work after starting. In general, it can overload a power shift low temperature rise, high efficiency, more energy-saving!






Parameters of Matching Motor for Commonly Used Equipment

NumberEquipmentOut put (Kw)Speed (r/min)NumberEquipmentOut put (Kw)Speed (r/min)


Rice beater 2.2 or 3.0 28007ShaffcutterAmple power 3.02800
2Bench saw 1.5 or 2.2 28008Sucking grain machine


3Dough mixer 2.2 or 3.014009Rolling shutter2.21400
4Car washer 2.2 or 3.0140010Cutting machine2.22800
5Pesticide sprayer 2.2 or 3.0 140011Corn grinder0.752800
6Shredding machine 2.2 or 3.0 280012Air compressor2.22800













1.Saving electricity charges

Level 1 energy efficiency, performance far beyond ordinary motor. Energy-saving small helpers can save more electricity charge a year!

2.Seiko bearings
Antirust and moistureproof abrasion resistance, high-speed operation of the machine is still smoothly and quiet

3.High-quality stator and rotor
High quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet,high hardness ,strong power high efficiency and long service life,shaft with high frequency quenching

4.High quality lacquer surface
Pure high quality paint ,360 degree protection motor ,cast iron barrel, strong and durable.
5.Pure copper core
Pure copper core/machine winding, strong binding, winding using F-grade oxygen-free copper wire, high temperature resistance, long life, not easy to damage, the ordinary enameled wire is not compared with it.


Other Types of Intelligent Motor



1.Notice:above the every model has corresponding electric motor(with flange plate)

If need to purchase the above model or have any other requirement,please seek advice from custom service; The parameter of technology are updated at anytime.


Please confim the machine earthing before operation and connecting the electrical leakage protector

Motor with thermal protector,in order to ensure the safty of operation when it stops automatically,it is nacessary to cut off the power supply.



ModelOut putVoltageFrequencyQT of capacitanceCurrentSpeedweight
YL90-1100R-2P(energy saving)1.11.5220v50HZ27.1A2800r/min25kg
YL90-1300R-2P(energy saving)1.31.8220v50HZ28.3A2800r/min27kg
YL90-1500R-2P(energy saving)1.52220v50HZ29.44A2800r/min28kg
YL90-1800R-2P(energy saving)1.82.5220v50HZ211.3A2800r/min29kg
YL90-2300R-2P(energy saving)2.33220v50HZ213.6A2800r/min30kg
YL90-2600R-2P(energy saving)2.63.5220v50HZ215.5A2800r/min32kg
YL90-3000R-2P(energy saving)34220v50HZ217.2A2800r/min34kg
YL100-2300R-2P(energy saving)2.33220v50HZ213.9A2800r/min28.5kg
YL100-2600R-2P(energy saving)2.63.5220v50HZ215.8A2800r/min30kg
YL100-3000R-2P(energy saving)34220v50HZ217.2A2800r/min31.5kg
YL100-3500R-2P(energy saving)3.54.8220v50HZ219.8A2800r/min34kg




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Company Information

 company information

In addition, Jianeng has passed ISO9001:2015 certification and CCC certification, and obtained more than 10 related patent certificates. What’s more important, in recent years, our company has introduced a series of advanced equipment and has produced more good products to meet the different requirements of different customers. So there's always one kind of product for you. Even though we have our own brand “Caring”, OEM and ODM orders are also welcome.
"High quality, integrity, innovation, and win-win” is our business philosophy, our aim is offer best service and excellent quality products. Jianeng is expecting win-win cooperation with customers from all over the world.





Why choose us


1.Caring has passed the ISO9001 management system certification.
2.Electric motor strictly enforce national standards obtaining the corresponding CCC and CE certification.
3.More than 20 years of industry experience.

4.Fast feedback for customers:24 hours reply for all customers' messages. 

5.Competitive prices.

6.Quality guarantee:We have shipped much motors to Italy, Spain, and other European and USA customers with high quality.

7.Fast and Timely delivery:Usually 10-15 days for goods

8.Professional Technical support and After-sale service.

9.Customized service for kind of motor according to your requirement.







For product

1.What is the frame?
The frame actually refers to the installation size of the machine. The vertical height from the center of the shaft to the horizontal plane of the 90-type motor is 90 mm, and the vertical height from the center to the horizontal plane of the 100-type motor is 100 mm. Among them, the frame width of model 90 (starting from the center of the foot screw) is 140 mm, the hole spacing is 100 mm and 125 mm, the frame width of model 100 is 160 mm, and the hole spacing is 125 mm and 140 mm.
2.How do I determine my frame?
Generally, models on nameplates have frame, If the 90 is displayed on the nameplate,it means this machine is 90 type. If the 100 is displayed on the nameplate,it means this machine is 100 type,
3.Can the motor be reversed?
The motor can be reversed or forward. We need to change the connection mode of the patches in the junction box. It's very simple. We have a video tutorial on changing the direction. If you need ,please contact customer service. But if you need to change the direction of the motor frequently, you need to buy a reverse switch to connect to the front of the motor. It is convenient to use the reverse switch directly to control the motor steering.
4.Is the motor pure copper? Can I disassemble it for inspection?
All of our motor and pump windings are made of pure copper core material. We are a 18-year-old factory. Credit, quality and service have always been our direction. We also insist on doing all this well, and naturally we can do even better! You can disassemble it for inspection , you are welcome to find professionals to verify.

5.What is the difference between energy-saving motor and ordinary motor?
Energy-saving motors have reached the first level of national energy consumption, while ordinary motors can basically reach the third level of energy consumption. And that is, when energy-saving motors operate, the temperature is lower than ordinary motors, the service life will be longer than ordinary motors, and at the same power, the power will be greater than ordinary motors; Energy-saving motors can be started at low voltage, such as around 170 voltage, but ordinary motors may not be able to start.

6.How many kilowatt-hours can be saved in a year by energy-saving motors?
We made a rough calculation. If we use a 2300W energy-saving motor to calculate, we work four hours a day and save 430 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year.


For us

1.What's your factory main products?
We produce plenty of water pumps especially sewage pump and double-knife
cutter pump, and three kinds of motor.
2.Are you a manufacture or a trade company?
We have our factory and we also cooperate with other companies.
3.How do you sure your after-sale services?
1 year warranty,quick-wear parts and artifical damages are not included.we promise 24 hours action for your problem and send parts for your fix
4.How long would it take to receive your orders?
We will arrange shipment within a week after payment.
5.How do we deal with clients’ quality complaints?
All complaints will be recorded into documents immediately.
Our service engineer will contact you once we find out the problems and help you deal with it finally.
6.Can you do OEM?
Yes, of course. Any OEM are welcome!
7.How can I get more product quotation?
Please click below to contact us and we will reply you within one hour on working time.


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