Automatic Water Spray Autoclave Retort For Pouch

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Product Overview


Automatic Water Spray Autoclave Retort For Pouch


Product Description


Spray Autoclave Retort

Equipment features

• Indirect heating and indirect cooling, cooling water, process water does not touch, avoid secondary pollution of the food, without the use of water treatment chemicals. High temperature and quickly sterilization.

• Reduce steam consumption, steam and atomizing sterilizing water make thermal mixing in retort directly, which increases speed of temperature warming and cooling.

• Few quantity of process water makes quick cycle, and reaches presetting sterilizing temperature quickly.

• Have low noise, and create quiet and comfortable operational environment.

• The kettle is equipped with four removable temperature sensing probe can monitor the F value of the food center,  heat distribution, heat penetration to keep abreast.

• Perfect pressure control throughout the production process pressure is constantly adjusted to accommodate the pressure changes inside the product packaging, particularly suitable gas packing products.

•  Process water preheating system (option) is a continuous heating process can ensure that the warm, or hot-fill products.

• Sterilizing water using softened water (optional) to avoid water quality problems caused by the

  packing process water contaminated by dirt.

• Steam sterilization function (optional).



• Metal container: tinplate cans, aluminum can.

• Flexible packaging products: aluminum foil bags,

  high-temperature cooking bag.





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Company Information



We are OEM that ensures high quality of produce, has modern infrastructure, offers flexible and convenient working terms and fulfils its obligations in terms of delivery of orders.


- More than 17 years of operation in Europe and more than 3 years’ experience in fruits’ supply from India;
- We are producer and exporter;
- We comply with strict quality requirements of leading chain stores;
- We handle large volume of produce;
- We supply machines to more than 50 countries (both Europe and Asia).


- Professional approach to work;
- Quality produce;
- Quick communication and handling of customers’ requests;
- High competence;
- Timely delivery.



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