cold asphalt in bags

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Asphalt cold filling material

The cold filling material adopts special methods to modify the asphalt, so that the asphalt has excellent adhesion, pressure-sensitive and viscoelasticity. After proper compaction, it can stick to the repair for a long time without falling off.Cold cold material belongs to pressure viscosity and before being rolled over, has the very good loose, operation is convenient, but once after rolling, the materials good bonding performance highlights, can quickly form a high strength and stability, can repair the road under all-weather conditions, easy to operate, repair of good quality and and after many years of application, performance improved continuously, at present has been widely applied in various provinces and cities road pavement repairing, and is becoming more and more recognition and welcome by the road maintenance department.

Min. patching depth
Economic patching depth
Application range
Perfect for pothole, edge repair, utility cut, drain and bridge work in lower standard asphalt or concrete pavement.
Perfect for pothole, edge repair, utility cut, drain and bridge work in higher standard asphalt or concrete pavement.

Characteristics of cold feeding

(1) All-weather patching material: cold feeding wide applicable temperature range, can apply between - 30 ℃ to 50 ℃, rain, snow and rain or sunny are construction
(2) Construction is simple: the use of cold filling materials for road groove repair without adhesive layer oil.The spare materials can be taken at any time, no heavy construction machinery is needed, but impact compaction, manual compaction or automobile tire compaction can be adopted according to different repair conditions of the road surface

Characteristics of cold feeding

(3) Good repair quality: cold repair material has a strong anti-aging and bonding performance, after the repair of the hole, not easy to fall off, cracking and other bad phenomena, do not need to repeat repair.
(4) Repair cost is low: the use of cold repair material construction, is not subject to the weather and the size of the pit and the number of restrictions, and repair without heating or stirring, according to the actual amount can be taken at any time, the remaining material can be used in the next repair, will not cause material waste, the real 100% use.

Characteristics of cold feeding

(5) Green environmental protection: cold filling material production and use process will not produce dust and black smoke, and the finished product is insoluble in water, so it will not pollute the atmosphere and groundwater, conducive to environmental protection.
6. Easy to save: at room temperature bag sealed finished products can be stored for up to two years, not caking.

Characteristics of cold feeding

7 Can open to traffic immediately: the area that cold fill makings fills up need not close traffic, can open to traffic immediately, alleviate greatly because of road repair construction and the traffic pressure that cause.
8) Has a wide range of USES: cold filling materials and asphalt concrete, cement concrete, metal surface and other different matrix materials have good adhesion, can be widely used in highways, general roads, municipal roads, airport roads, Bridges and so on

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Use range of cold filling material

1.The product is suitable for repairing and maintaining damaged pits and ruts on the road surface of expressway and airport runway.

2.It is used for repairing and maintenance of damaged potholes on general highways and municipal streets, digging holes, road surface repair after underground pipelines are laid, small shallow pits around manhole covers and in front of warehouses, etc.

3.It is suitable for repairing bridge expansion joints, heavy-duty road and bridge joints, road bends with heavy traffic and special road surfaces.

Construction method of applying cold filling material to road surface pit repair:

Step 1: trim the edges and clear the pits
Step 2: tamp down the foundation
The 3rd pace: asperse sticky layer oil
Step 4: aggregate matting
Step 5: tamp down the bedding
Step 6: spread emulsified asphalt oil on the bedding
Step 7: fill with cold material
Step 8: tamp down the cold material

Packing & Delivery

1.Packing: compound woven bag 25kg/ bag

2.The specific gravity of the compacted cube: 1 cubic meter is 2.35 tons

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