Konjac glucomannan konjac rice white rice with low carb

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Diet Food Konjac Glucomannan Dried Konjac Rice with Gluten Free

Product Description

What is konjac ?


Konjac is a common name of the Asian plant Amorphophallus konjac which has an edible corm (bulbo-tuber). It is native to Yunnan in China and cultivated in warm subtropical to tropical eastern Asia, from Japan and China south to Indonesia.The food made from the corm of this plant is widely known in English by its Japanese name, konnyaku.The dried corm of the konjac plant contains around 40% glucomannan gum. Konjac has almost no calories, but is very high in fiber. Thus, it is often used as a diet food.

 konjac 2


What are the ingredients of dried konjac rice?

Konjac powder
Rice powder


What is the advantages of dried konjac rice?


1.Weight loss.

Konjac is a low-calorie food. The glucomannan in konjac can absorb water and enlarge up to 30-100xs than the original size. After eating, one may feel quite full. It can be used in curing diabetes, and is the ideal diet food.


2. Lubricate intestine and reduce fat absorption.

The fiber in konjac can stimulate the intestine and stomach, lubricate the intestine, prevent constipation, and reduce fat absorption. In addition, it is good for the treatment of bowel disease; it can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol, and is quite substantial in prevention of high blood pressure and coronary arteriosclerosis.


3. Protein and amino acids.

Konjac tuber contains 5%-10% crude protein and 6.8%-8.0% of 16 amino acids (including 7 essential amino acids.) Amorphophallus konjac has 18 amino acids equivalent to 6.283%, with the most essential amino acids consisting of 2.634%, and white konjac contains amino acids of 5.14% and 2.137%.


4. Minerals.

Konjac contains many minerals; konjac tuber contains a high content of K,Ca,Mg,Fe,Mn,Cu,Co According to reports by Cuixi, it is necessary for the body to trace elements and constant elements are high in konjac.


5. Prevent cancer.

Konjac can suspend the metabolism of cancer cells prevention. Susceptibility testing indicates it is sensitive to cardiovascular and the colon cancer cell. It can clean sputum, soften hard cells, break up bumps and detoxicate. It can cure mass, sputum nuclear and prevent cancer.


Cooking direction of dried konjac rice


1. Put 40g of dry konjac rice into the bowl.

2. And then filling boiled water or soup (over 90℃).

3. Then stir them.

4. You can enjoy it within 12 minutes.



1. If use cold water, you should wait for 32 minutes.

2. If you want to make it like rice, the volume of water should be 1 cm higher than rice.

3. If you want to make to to be porridge, the volume of water should be 5 times of rice.

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You may like other flavor dried konjac noodle.

dried konjac noodle.jpg



 1. We own konjac planting farm for organic konjac (1,000,000 square meters) and conventional konjac(33,000,000 square meters). You can get good price and steady supply.



2. We have two konjac flour factories and one konjac noodle factoy which are supported by our government. Welcome your visit.

konjac factory


3. We have organic certificates NOP, EU and JAS. And we are authorized by BRC, IFS, HACCP,and we got KOSHER, HALAL certificate. That will help you import our product without any problem.


NOP (Amercian market)EC (European market)JAS (Japan)



4. Professional R&D department. We will help you to adjust the formula. And we provide 3-5 new products every year. That will help you to have the market earily.


Company Information

 Compnay  Sichuan sentaiyuan biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Sichuan sentaiyuan biotechnology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of konjac foods. It is located in sichuan province where is known as good ecological environment and also guarantees our natural high-qualified konjac material. Now we posses 1,000,000 square meters organic konjac and 33,000,000 square meters of conventional konjac farm. We always adhere to spreading our concepty of green product, environmental, low carbon and healthy life all around the world. 


Factory production workshop

Quality control is performed at 6 stages in the process in order to provide the best quality of the konjac product.




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