Water purifying agent Calcium Hypochlorite 45% min 7778-54-3

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Calcium Hypochlorite 45%min 


Cas No.7778-54-3

Chemical Formula: Ca(ClO)2 

Molecular weight: 143

HS CODE:28281000

Standard: GB/T10666-2008


Appearance: Mixed powders and granules of white or grayish color

Active chlorine: 45% min

Mass fraction of moisture: ≤5%

Mass fraction of insoluble residue: 10%-15%
Losses of active chlorine per year: 8%-10%


Packing: In 50kg plastic drum

1. For Bleaching purpose of wood pulp, silk, cloth and fiber
2. Disinfectant for water treatment and swimming pools
3. Disinfectant for chemical poisonous and radioactive substance;
4. Disinfectant in aquaculture, Livestock etc;

5. Neutralize cyanide in gold mining.


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