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Top Quality Surimi, Top Quality Fish Ball

We process all kind of surimi and fish ball and others.

GEL of surimi: 200-300 300-400 400-500 500-600 600+

Fish Ball List of Ingredients

Major material:fish meat≥60%

Minor ingredient:Surimi, Potato starch, Corn flour, Water, Sugar, Salt,Monosodium glutamate, Egg white

Additive:compound water retaining admixture (Sodium tripolyphosphate, Sodium hexametaphosphate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate),sodium D-isoascorbate

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Our Company
Shishi zhengyuan aquatic technology development co.,ltd. is a seafood manufacturer, was founded in 2003.
Now it is one of the biggest seafood factory in Fujian, China  and keep exporting wo world wide.

it have 2 factory, 3 worshop and 2 cold storage.

the mail product is : frozen mackerel, frozen sardine and other frozen fish.

frozen squid and the process products.

frozen surimi and the process products.

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