Free leaks malaysia natural rubber marine ship launching airbags

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Free leaks thailand natural rubber marine ship launching airbags


1. Introduction

marine ship launching airbags are designed using principle of rolling wood. "XINCHENG" marine ship launching airbags choose the whole intertwine technology to make rubber airbags on the structure more reasonable, has higher safety coefficient and bearing capacity. Size : D0.5 m x L6.0 m ~ D 2.5 x L25m. “XINCHENG” marine ship launching airbags are produced in strict accordance with the ISO17357-2002 and GB/T 2002-2002 international quality standar. It has been exported to Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, India,  Nigeria, Philippines, Korea and many other countries from all over the world.


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2. Material

1. Choosing the best quality from imported natural rubber, such as Thailand and Malaysia smoked sheet rubber and 3L natural rubber, which has good elasticity, ageing resistance and not take offer layer. Meanwhile, efficient stabilizer is used to make rubber more environmental friendly and no cracks.


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2. Our marine rubber airbag is using 3 strands synthetic-tyre-cord, which tensile strength can be 31kgs, that make our airbags much higher bearing capacity and safety.



1. Wrap threads that run vertically through the synthetic tyre-cord pattern.

2. Weft threads that run perpendicular to the warp threads



3. Structure


Xincheng ship launching airbag is consist of outer rubber layer, synthetic cord reinforced rubber layers and inner rubber layer.

Its shape characteristics is central body cylindrical and tapered on both ends.

Cord layers: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, layers

Accessories: Pressure gage, Inlet valve, Pipe fitting and seal end ring





4. Specifications:


Working pressure of marine ship launching airbags







4 layers






5 layers






6 layers






7 layers






8 layers







Size of marine rubber airbag:

Diameter (D):

From 1.0m to 2.0m

Effective length (EL):

From 6.0m to 18.0m

Total Length:

From 7.0m to 20.0m

Standard numbers of cord layers:

From 4 layers to 12 layers

Your custom size is accepted.


5. Application

1. Ship launching and landing

2. Heavy lifting and moving

3. Ship salvage rescue project



6. Advantage


1. Advanced manufacturing technology

2. Best imported natural rubber from Thailand and Malaysia

3. Safety and reliability 

4. Good air tightness 

5. Saving the cost

6. Easy operation and save labor time

7. Long using time


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Packaging & Shipping





Our Services


 Before signing an official contract with our customer, we will help to analyze and provide professional suggestion based on customer project information and come out with optimum solution.


 Your inquiry or questions will be replied in 24 hours.


 Keep informing our customer production process and help arrange quality inspect in the factory if necessary.


 24 months warranty.


 If necessary, we will arrange our engineers to local site to help install, also provide online technical support.


Company Information

Qingdao Xincheng Rubber Products Co.,ltd was founded in 1986, mainly produces pneumatic rubber fenders, marine rubber airbags, ship launching with airbags applications, foam filled fenders and other rubber fenders, which as the leading enterprise has passed CCS , ISO9001:2008, SGS, BV certificates. We have established long time cooperation with many clients, from Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America and EU countries and many other countries throughout the world.



Why Xincheng?

Pay less. And get more. 

· High precision engineering using 3-strand cords with great tensile strength.

· Made from NEW industry leading quality rubber.

· Assurance of true number of layers.

· High-performance quality and above-industry-standard layer thickness.

· Quality detailing jobs, Ex: air valve length, ends’ extra layering, tighter connection with minimal failure etc. These areas are often neglected but extremely important to ensure your safety and maximise your return by prolonging useful life.


Do not be misled by suppliers who uses recycled rubber, weak cords with lower number of true layers and more. Top quality XINCHENG airbags can be used up to 10 years, and in the long run, actually helps you save more!




How to choose a suitable launching airbag for your ship marine?

The selection of airbag should follow the vessel dimensions, type and launching weight.


Airbag Diameter:

It should consider the height of docking blocks. In order to lift the ship safety, the airbag diameter must be higher than docking blocks. Generally, it should be increased by 0.5m based on the black height. For example, if the docking block height is 1.0m, the airbag diameter needs not less than 1.5m.


Airbag length:

It depends on the width of the vessel. The airbag effective length must be larger than the width of the vessel. It will enhance the safety and steadiness of launching.


Airbag bearing capacity:

The most important factor of ship launching, it must be consider the airbags bearing capacity, which must be higher than the ship launching weight to guarantee launching process safety. So the numbers of layers will decide the airbags bearing capacity.


Just tell us your vessel information, we will check which size of airbag is the most suitable for your application.



Do you want a safer & more cost-effective airbag?

Xincheng is your best choice, you just don’t know it yet.


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