no needle injection hyaluronic micro nano gun /water mesogun with cooling heating electroporation

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Product Description
LOOKNICE Develops New Products
Water Light Gun for Liquid Machinery Translation
Nanometer Microcrystalline Hydrometer
Replenish water, beautify skin, fade spots and brighten skin color.
No skin injury, no pain, no trauma

Your mobile beauty salon

Keep warm and replenish water, brighten and whiten skin, tighten and resist aging.

Nanometer Microcrystalline Hydrometer

Fade stains

Reduce wrinkles

Refrigeration/Heating Function
Heating Effects
A. Heating can relax muscles, balance the autonomic nerves and relieve pain and ache, so to make users feel warm and omfortable.
B. Heating stimulates the blood circulation, increases the blood oxygen content, open the pore, extend blood vessel, so to promote the quick absorbing of nutrition ingredient on skin. It is the most gentle, comfortable and effective introduction method.
C. Increase the rate of skin metabolism, increase the heat content of tissue, and naturally eliminate waste toxins.
D. Heating helps to relax muscles, relieve pain and ache, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate the opening of pores, and double absorption of the skin.
Cooling Effects
A.Cooling helps to constrict blood vessel, tight capillaries, so to shrink pores.
B.Strengthen the fibrils, make the skin tight and elastic, smooth wrinkles and crows-feet .
C.Constrict blood vessel, effectively reduce varicose veins, Capillary; and harmful waste brought venous reflux is more easy to be purified and detoxified; efficiently lighten even remove spots. 
D.Reduce metabolic rate, inhibit cell activity, reduce the sensitivity of peripheral nerves, make users calm, relieve the swelling and pain on skin, especially for allergic skin.
E.Cooling helps to tighten skint, maintain elasticity, prevent from allergy,shrink pores, lock moisture, reduce wrinkles and ease fatigue.
Product Technologies
Nano micro-array is made of high purity single crystal silicon, is carved with nanotechnology. Each needle on a single chip is equal to 1/1000 of a hair. 
Nano micro-array can open hundreds of skin micro-channels by only one touch on the skin. It opens the cuticle without hurting the dermis, which is painless and noninvasive. Promote the absorbing of extract as soon as possible
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