Microscope Ethylene oxide EO sterilizer machine

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Microscope Ethylene oxide EO sterilizer machine

ethylene oxide sterilizer


SQ-H460 Ethylene oxide sterilizer


SQ-H series of ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet is well designed,sophisticated technology,mainly by the microcomputer control system,the residual gas processing device,sterilization studio etc..

All the technical indicators of the product by the computer automated management,so control is accurate and reliable;The use of mixed ethylene oxide gas sterilization has the advantage of low toxicity, efficient broad-spectrum,sterilization thoroughly,penetrating strong sterilization time is short,no corrosion of items, no residue after sterilization of items,no pollution to the environment,so the use of safe and reliable;The series of products is Chuna'sethylene oxide sterilization equipment in the more advanced equipment.


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ethylene oxide sterilizer


SQ-H460 ethylene oxide sterilizer technical data


Volume 460L
Product formManual door vertical
Heating modeelectrical heating
Power supply220V/50Hz
Shape dimension1140*800*1480 mm
Sterilization room size 960*600*820 mm
Weight280 kg
Standard sterilization time 0-99 Adjustable hours
Temperature displayLED digital
Sterilizing chamber material304 anticorrosive stainless steel
Material of outer boxCarbon steel (1.8mm thick) baking powder
Sterilization temperature50℃±3℃
Working pressure-60kpa
Maximum pressure resistance-140kpa
Humidity during sterilization45%-75%
Selected gasmixed gas
Ethylene oxide sterilization concentration1g/L
Sterilization time0~99 hours
Vacuum speed15 minutes to -60kpa


SQ-H460 ethylene oxide sterilizer function


[air replacement] Automatic air exchange, 5 periodic breaths at intervals of 15 minutes
[Full automatic control system] one button start to end, automatic completion of the whole process.
[Display] state display temperature, humidity and pressure, sterilization time, processing time, the number of residual gas.
[Printer] using micro printer, print out the whole process of sterilization each minute of data, can be permanent preservation.
[Humidity sensor] built-in humidity sensor automatic detection of cavity humidity, to ensure that the cavity humidity is not less than 45%RH.
[Pressure sensor] built-in pressure sensor automatically detects cavity pressure, to ensure the accurate and effective pressure inside the chamber.
[Temperature sensor] built-in temperature sensor, automatic detection of cavity temperature, to ensure that the cavity temperature is maintained at 50 degrees C + 3 temperature within the precise range.
[Vacuum system] using oil-free vacuum pump, simple and convenient, fast vacuum speed, long service life.
[Circulation device] when the water temperature in the heating tank exceeds 85 degrees, the heater should be automatically stopped heating.
[Sealed door] anti pressure 200Kpa, EO gas never leak.
[Humidifying system] pulse humidification under vacuum condition, ensure the humidity of the cavity is even and controllable; the humidity of the sterilizing room should be controlled within the range of relative humidity of 55% + 20%.
[Residual gas treatment unit ] filter on particle diameter of more than 0.3 m the filtering rate of not less than 99.5%.
[Sterilization room] leak rate determination of leakage rate at no-load, sterilization room temperature constant, test pressure -50kPa, time 1H were determined under the conditions of determination of time average leakage rate less than 0.16kPa/min.
[Vacuum rate] vacuum under no-load condition, atmospheric vacuum sterilizer from time to -60kPa should be less than 30min.
[Automatic dosing] the first domestic sterilization chamber piercing technology, to ensure the full use of gas, zero leakage, more safe and reliable.
[Heating system] adopts explosion proof electric heating device.
[A variety of protective functions] with over-voltage, over temperature protection function, more safe and reliable.
[Alarm system] has high temperature alarm system, ultra low pressure alarm system.
[Category] class II medical devices.


ethylene oxide sterilizer








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ethylene oxide sterilizer

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