2g 17,8 Вт/м. k теплоотвод тепловой пасты для процессоры ЦПУ штукатурка для радиатора Охладитель водяного охлаждения

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Product Overview


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Product Description

Product Name
Thermal grease/thermal paste
Strong thermal conductivity on the CPU/GPU/LED

Syringe thermal grease/paste
Syringe: 1g/3g/5g/7g/15g/30g
Color: white/grey/silver/gold
Thermal conductivity: 1w/2w/3w/4w/-18w
Package: needle tube /bottle/hose/big tube/can

Maoyuan thermal grease is made of finer oxidized metal as the main raw material. It is used to fill the gap between the heating element and the heat sink. It has a strong thermal conductivity on the LED/GPU/CPU/IC to meet your cooling system.

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Customization: grams/thermal conductivity/packaging/logo

Syringe:   1g/3g/5g/7g/15g/30g
Big tube: 500g 700g
Can: 1kg

Product Usage

CPU high thermal grease

Typical Applications:
1.Between Semiconductor and heatsink
2.Between CPU and heatsink
3.Between power resistor and base
4.Thermoelectric cooler
5.The surface of temperature regulator and assembly
6.High-power LED lighting

High thermal grease/paste
Filling the gap between the heat and the heat sink to increase their contact area for better heat conduction.


According to your production and sales needs, Maoyuan can recommend suitable products and packaging requirements for you, high quality, fast delivery.

Company Introduction

Shenzhen Maoyuan Electronic Materials Co. LTD.Focus on thermal interface materials research and development, production and sales. Maoyuan has been committed to providing you with high quality materials.The factory has 3 independent production lines.Meet yourmass production needs.Trust is the basis and premise of our cooperation.Choose Maoyuan, choose a trust.Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you.


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