High viscosity good thickening effect Manufacturers direct hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC

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Product Overview


Product Description

HPMC is odorless, tasteless,non-toxic cellulose ethers produce from natural high molecular cellulose through series of chemical processing and achieved.

It is white powder with good water solubility. It has thickening, adhesion ,dispersing, emulsifying, film, suspended, adsorption, gel,and protective colloid properties of surface activity and maintain moisture function properties ect.

Detailed Images

1. Appearance: white or quasi-white powder.

2. Granularity;The pass rate of 100 mesh was more than 98.5%.80 mesh pass rate is 100%.The particle size of special specification is 40 ~ 60 mesh.

3, Carbonization temperature: 280-300 ℃

4. Apparent density: 0.25-0.70 g/cm(usually around 0.5 g/cm), specific gravity: 1.26-1.31.

5, color temperature: 190-200 ℃

6. Surface tension: 2% aqueous solution is 42-56 dyn/cm.

7. Solubility: soluble in water and some solvents, such as appropriate proportion of ethanol/water, propyl alcohol/water, etc.The aqueous solution has surface activity.High transparency, stable performance, different specifications of the product gel temperature is different, the solubility changes with the viscosity, the lower the viscosity, the greater the solubility, different specifications of HPMC performance has a certain difference, the HPMC dissolved in water is not affected by the pH value.

8. HPMC decreases with the decrease of methoxide content, increase of gel point, decrease of water solubility and decrease of surface activity.

9, HPMC also has thickening ability, salt resistance, low ash powder, pH stability, water retention, dimensional stability, excellent film forming, and a wide range of enzyme resistance, dispersion and adhesion.


1. Construction industry: as a water-retaining agent and retarder of cement mortar, it makes the mortar pumping.Apply putty powder and plaster materials, mortar, or other building materials are used as adhesives to improve applicability and increase operating time.Used for pasting marble, ceramic tile, plastic adornment, pasting enhancer, still can reduce cement dosage. HPMC water retention property so that the paste after application will not be dry too fast and crack, enhance the strength of hardening.

2. Ceramic manufacturing: widely used as adhesive in the manufacturing of ceramic products.

3. Coating industry: as thickener, dispersant and stabilizer in the coating industry, it is well soluble in water or organic solvents.As a paint remover.

4. Ink printing: as thickener, dispersant and stabilizer in the ink industry, it is well soluble in water or organic solvents.

5. Widely used in the plastics industry.

6. Polyvinyl chloride: used as dispersant in the production of polyvinyl chloride and as the main auxiliary agent for the preparation of PVC by suspension polymerization.

7. Others: this product is also widely used in leather, paper products, fruit and vegetable preservation and textile industries.

8. Pharmaceutical industry: coating materials; Membrane material;Controlled speed polymer material for slow release preparation; Stabilizing agent;Suspended aid;Tablet adhesive;Increases the goo

Packing & Delivery


A. How can you promise your quality is good?

1. Free sample provided for testing.

2. Before delivery, each batch will be tested strictly, and retained sample will be kept in our stock to trace the variations of product quality.

3 Trade assurance order is suggested for first-time client or small order to ensure clients' interests.

B. How about your delivery time?

About 7-10 days according to the quantity. If you want more than 100 tons, time would be discussed because the goods

may out of stock. Thank U for understanding.

C. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

Answer: -Quality you require, eg. Assay, Purity, or single impurity

                -Quantity you need

                -Standard you want, such as USP.

D. There are too many different prices in China ,which one should I choose?

Communicate, get sample, test, factory inspection...... We are sure we will be your best choice.

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