automatic sand blasting machine

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Product Overview


Automatic Roller Conveyor sand Blasting Machines are specially Developed for processing of long and flat steel sheets, glass sheet, stone tiles etc. The Sheets are ontinuously passing through the basting Chamber on a special roller Conveyor. 

Automatic Roller Conveyor sand Blasting Machines consist of a big cabinet enclosure, oscillating system, Multiple automatic suction blast guns, 2 automatic blow-off guns, cyclone reclaimers, reverse pulse cartridge dust-collector, roller conveyer system and control system, etc. 

Multiple blast automatic guns are fixed on the blast cabinet swinging over or moving horizontally over the sheet to produce a smooth, a sericeous surface, a bright shine appearance or to engrave on the surface of glass sheet. 

Large working chamber allows more options for gun placement and more room for maintenance.. 

1. Adopt suction blast system. 
2. Continuously blasting. 
3. Multiple guns swinging or moving horizontally to cover whole top surface. 
4. Adaptability for different size (46#-80#) of nonmetal media to meet different process needs 
5. Roller Conveyers to move parts through the blasting cabinet. 
6. Reverse pulse cartridge dust-collector 

Processable component,mm, max :3500(L)x1260(W), Thickness: 0.5 -22mm 
Processing capacity:15-25m2/h 
Processing speed:0.2-0.4m/min 
Roller conveyor speed :0-0.8m/min 
Dimension,(L x W x H, mm):8100x2000x3610 
Main cabinet,(L x W x H, mm):1500x2000x2010 
Working chamber,(L x W x H, mm):1500x2000x1000 
Conveyor frame, inlet(L x W x H, mm):3000(L)x2000(W)x960(H) 
Conveyor frame, outlet(L x W x H, mm):3000(L)x2000(W)x960(H) 
Dust collector:1300(L)x1000(W)x1900(H) 
Blasting gun:4 pc, with boron carbide nozzle dia. 14mm 
Blow-off gun:2 pc 
Light and control:0.25kw 
Exhauster motor:5.5kw 
Conveyer motor:0.75kw, with VFD 
Elevator motor:0.4kw 
Blast gun oscillating motor:0.4kw 
Compressed air source requirement:5-7bar; 6-8m3/min. ( 1 CBM air tank) 
  Model 1211-12R
Processable component; wide 650mm max, Thickness: 250mm max 
Roller conveyor speed 0-5m/min 
Dimension,(L x W x H, mm): 5400x1100x3500 
Main cabinet,(L x W x H, mm): 3400x1300x2140 
Working chamber,(L x W x H, mm):1200x1100x990 
Conveyor frame,(L x W x H, mm): 1000(L)x1100(W)x990(H), 2pc 
Blasting gun: 12 pc, with boron carbide nozzle, swinging 
Blow-off gun: 2 pc 
Light and control: 0.2kw 
Exhauster motor: 5.5kw 
Roller Conveyer motor: 0.75kw 
Longitudinal Screw conveyor: 0.75Kw 
Transverse Screw conveyor: 0.75Kw 
Elevator: 1.5kw 
Blast gun oscillating motor: 0.75kw 
Reverse pulse cartridge dust colletor:1000x1000x1860mm, 4 filter cartridges 
Compressed air source requirement: 5-7bar; 12 m3/min. ( 1 CBM air tank)

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