Mining Production Line Spiral Sand Washer Washing Machine

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Product Overview


Mining Production Line Spiral Sand Washer Washing Machine

Product Description

 Sand washer is widely used for the washing of the material sand quarry, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station,etc.

According to different kind of washing type, we have :

Spiral sand washing machine:   

Wheel type sand washing machine:   


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Wheel sand washer

1. This machine's structure is simple. The impeller drive device is separated with water and the watered materiel avoiding that the bearing is damaged by Deeping in water, sand, or contamination.

2. This machine has obvious advantages compared with screw sand washer. The details are as follows:

a. The medium and fine sand are washed away less. The washed construction sand's gradation and modulus of fineness can get the standard which is regulated in national ' construction sand' and ' construction scree and gravel'.

b. There are almost no wearing parts except screen mesh.



Spiral sand washer

1. High capacity

2. Heavy duty conveying paddles

3. Fabricated with heavy duty tubs

4. Oversize bearings and gears

5. Thick-walled shafts

6. Lower end bolted to fully machined stub shaft. Upper end mounted through flexible coupling to output shaft of gearbox

7. The compound drive divides the operating load over an optimal combination of oversized helical and spur gears

Continuous grinding and abrading log washer paddles

8. Adjustable water discharge gates on both sides of lower end of the tub


Machine Difference

Difference of Wheel Sand Washer and Spiral Sand Washer:

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Wheel Sand Washing machine

Wheel type sand washer a professional cleaning devices for less than 8mm sand grain. Simple structure, impeller drive bearing unit with water and by water isolation material, to avoid bearing due to flooding, sand and pollutants cause to the damage phenomenon.

In the job, fine sand and stone powder wastage is minimal. In addition, the screen has almost no wearing parts, long life, long-term without maintenance.

Spiral Sand Washing machine

Spiral sand washer can be used to clean sand, gravel, or for grading equipment. It is widely used in cleaning the materials containing a large quantity of mud obvious. It's a good seal structure, fully enclosed gear, efficient, durable, good dehydration effect, the power consumption is small, fine products remain stable.

Its seal structure, the use of closed transmission device, has high efficiency, durable, dehydration effect is good, small power consumption, and fine particle characteristics of products remain stable.

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Technical Parameters
Model XL508 XL610 XL762 XL915 2XL915
Spiral Dia (mm) 508 610 762 915 915
Sink Length (mm) 6705 7225 7620 7585 7585
Feeding Size (mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Capacity (t/h) 20 40-50 50-75 100 200
Spiral Speed (r/min) 38 32 26 21 21
Motor Power (kw) 5.5 7.5 11 11 2*11
Water Consumption (t/h) 6-60 6-63 9-63 10-80 20-160
Dimension (mm) 8000*2343*1430 8000*2050*1400 8545*2650*3862 8500*2810*3600 8420*3765*3960
Weight (t) 2.67 3.80 5.23 6.27 11.11


Model Diameter of the wheel bucket (mm) Speed of Rotor (r/min) Feed opening size (mm) Production Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw) Overall Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
XS2600(Ⅰ) 2600 2.5 ≤10 20-50 5.5 3515*2070*2672 2500
XS2600(Ⅱ) 2600 2.5 ≤10 30-70 5.5 3515*2270*2672 2900
XS2800 2800 1.2 ≤10 50-100 7.5 3900*3300*2990 3980
XS3200 3200 1 ≤10 80-120 11 3965*4440*3410 7270
XS3600 3600 1 ≤10 120-180 15 4355*4505*3810 9430
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Company Information






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A: 1.What is the raw material for the production line?

    2. What is the capacity per hour you required?

    3. What is the maximum input size of the raw material?

    4. What is the output size and application for the final product? Once we get your answers, I can provide you the best quotation immediately.

Remarks: The price will depend on different models. Reply message you will get 5% discount price.

Q: What about Warranty of the products?                                                                        

A: Hongji Machinery grants our customers a twelve-month-period warranty from the date of delivery for machines exported from us. During the warranty period, in case any defect of material or workmanship occurred with spare parts in normal operation, we will at our discretion replace or repair the defective parts freely.

Q: The reason you choose Hongji Machinery:                                                                    

A: 1. Professional manufacturer of supplying mining crushing equipment, construction equipment, Ore beneficiation equipment and mining dryers.

    2. Experienced and professional R&D team and manufacturing team;

    3. Professional sales team consisted of dedicated, dynamic and innovative people with international version.

    4. Professional logistics service ensuring safety and timely delivery of products all over the world through ocean, airline, road and railway.

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