Very Good Quality Disable Electric Car

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Price:RUB 89,169.72
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Product Overview


Hot Sale Cheap 2 Seater Electric Car

please listen my story you will know more about US 

First time we do this business not to own money 

And we aim to help more disable people like my mum 

This factory is my brother Factory 

My bother is a car engineer for the big car over 10 years 

He always business at work have no time take care my mum 

my mum live  home town village here always the terrible road 

There always have no cement road and my brother have buy a  small car 

to my mum but the wheels is so small and also bad quality can't work on my home town

Others small car can't ride so my mum always at home feel very lonely 

my brother want to solve this problem! my brother buy over 10 set differnt old 

Car and compare the big car then use over 4 years design this car for my mum 

this car we got patent our government reward us 600000RMB SO We have money 

Open a company making our car help more disable people like my mum .

So you from the video you will see our car with very good quality 

And with cheapest price now no factory can compared  with us  on this same car 

All our pictures with no PS some others company will making PS

Like making the car tyre looks more big ,never show the  bad road ride video .

Lile making the car looks more big . and don't tell you the wheels size . 

Only tell you the diameter . or making the picturs looks more beautiful 

this car is design by my brother we have patent .

with cheapest price and very good quality 

we support order online ,we with 3 years guarantee 

Because my brother is a engineer

Even you only buy one set 

we also can design for you as your request 

1:The wheels size can be design 

car tyre 1

The tyre size is (130 / 70 -8 )


or (160/50-6)(2019 newest design )car  (2)

2: The brake type can be design ( drum brake , disc brake or automatic brake means have no brake only have accelerator )

3: The brake type  place can be design ( by hand or foot ( right foot or left foot or automatic brake means no brake  )

CAR  (10)CAR  (12)

4: The baterry type can be choose ( aluminum or lead acid battery )

5: the battery capacity can be choose (48 v 20ah 30km) 60v 20ah :40km 48v 32ah  :55KM 60v 32ah :80KM 

    (60v 70ah ) Alu :120KM 

6: The car motor  can be design (500 w , 800w , 1000w , 1200w )

7: The car logo can be design 

8: this car can be design for the diasble the common

( we can design1 the steering wheel type (if you can drive car this type most suitable for you )

CAR  (10)

2:motorcycle type (you can ride the motorcycle is most suitable for you )


3:the disable type (can't dive car and can't ride motorcycle easy to operation design for disable people )

CAR  (4)

9: the seat can be design

one seat can be ride on the elevator very small type with (130/70-8tyre ) (size:1350 *600*1050mm )

CAR  (13)

SUV one seat with two big shipping cart 


two seat with one big shipping cart 

CAR  (8)

10: we can design with sun roof 

CAR  (7)

 with rain roof and sun roof togetherCAR  (2)

11: The car speed can be design (5KM/hour , 10 KM /H , 15KM/H , 30 KM/H ,40KM/H , 60KM/H )

whatsapp  : +86 18079729645(wechat/phone:008618079729645) 

Only one set we can also design for you ! 

Or others type whatever you want you can also design for you 



common type no design paremeters 

Product Paremeters
Motor 48V800 W
brake (we can design as your request ) brake by hand 
Battery 48V20 AH
Overallsize  1680*750*1080mm
Endurance  30000m
Range per charge 20-80km
Climbing angle 15-70°
Tires size diameter  380mm (150/60-6 )  4 layer thickness same like the car tyre 
Colour white , red ,deep blue 
Speed/km/hour  0-40km/h 
type  operation by hand 
Drive system Rear gear drive with transaxle
Brake system disk  brake 
Net weight 150kg
Gross weight 250kg
Loading weight 600kg


How to inquiry ? 

Just tell me your requet you want ? or only need our common stock car ?

our common type we have stock after you full payment with 7 days we can shipping 

we also will help you delivery  you can choose by air ,DHL ,or by sea 

By air or DHL is very expensive after packing is over 250kg  without the roof 

If you tell me this machine you need delivery to United States 


This information  I will tell you :

After packing about 300 KG ,580X730X1200MM

By air : 1391USD about 6 days 
By DHL:door to door :1631 USD 
By sea to the sea poart : 600USD about 25 days .
By sea when you take the car need Pay some tax or do  clear customs from your country

you can shipping by yourself if you with the cheap agent  

the common type is 950 USD (without shipping fee and professional wooden fee )


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