Polymer Grade Organoclay Nano Montmorillonite

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Product Overview


Product Method


Polymer Grade Organoclay Nano Montmorillonite 



Product Description


Polymer grade organoclay is a highly hydrophobic organic montmorillonite modified by a highly hydrophobic intercalant and is a broad spectrum polymer modifier.


Mainly used for polyolefin and EVA, TPO and other thermoplastic polymer twin-screw melt extrusion modification, improve the tensile strength, bending strength, modulus and other mechanical properties of the polymer, as well as improve the thermal deformation temperature (HDT), dimensional stability , gas barrier properties, flame retardant properties

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Product Specification




Test results


light yellow or beige powder

beige powder

Volatile matter at 105℃ (%)



loss content on ignition (%)



Dry powder 500 mesh pass rate (%)



Specific gravity g/cm3



XRD d001 (nm)




Product Uses

Used for modification of thermoplastic polymers such as PP and PE.



Usually used in secondary twin-screw melt extrusion, the first time with maleic anhydride or acrylate grafted PP, PE, EVA extrusion, to make a masterbatch with montmorillonite content of 40-50%; the second use The above masterbatch is diluted with homopolymer PP, PE or EVA to a content of 5-8% organic montmorillonite, and then melted and extruded by a twin-screw to prepare a required working material.

The twin-screw extruder used is preferably a screw structure having a large length/diameter ratio and a high shear strength. The melting temperature in the extrusion process should not be too high, and the polymer melt has a high viscosity to ensure that the polymer obtains a strong shearing action during the extrusion process, and the Limonite stripping layer is stripped and dispersed.



Packaging & Shipping


The outer packaging kraft paper bag is packed in double-layered polyethylene film bags or in paper bags, and the weight is usually 15±0.25kg.

Or according to user requirements.



Stored under dry conditions. When the temperature is 0~30°C, the quality is valid for 24 months.


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