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[name] imitation one-piece bicycle helmet

[Color] carbon fiber red, carbon fiber blue, carbon fiber yellow, carbon fiber white (and carbon fiber green and carbon fiber pink need to order)

[weight] about 200g

[Configuration] The outer casing is: PVC blister polyethylene environmental protection sheet; the main body is: EPS environmental protection particle foaming;


This is the store to advise in a responsible attitude, will not be fooled by everyone in order to improve sales, please rest assured to buy, it is best to ask customer service before buying, so as not to cause the trouble of returning!

[Configuration] This helmet is not a one-piece helmet. The difference compared with the one-piece helmet is:

1 In terms of applicability: non-professional, suitable for novices, just riding a rider; a one-piece helmet can basically be regarded as a professional-grade riding helmet.

2 In terms of safety: the safety performance of the non-integral helmet is much worse than that of the one-piece helmet. Although it can also play a protective role, it has a long life and is easily damaged.

3 In the workmanship: the non-integral helmet is rough, the PC shell and the EPS foam are separated, glued together, and easy to crack, so the rider who bought this helmet has cracked after receiving the goods. It is a normal situation not to return the product; the one-piece helmet is made of high-grade materials, whether it is PC casing or EPS foam, and it is mechanically formed and not bonded.

5 in the warranty: because the non-integrated helmet is particularly easy to damage, generally not warranty, if the reason for the courier, you can check the goods before signing, the store is responsible for the replacement. If it has been signed, it will not be returned.

In addition, our solemn advice: this helmet with a hat, although the hat will play a little shade, but we still advise not to install a hat riding, because there have been riders fell and fell, the hat broke into the eyes; all In order to protect our safety to the greatest extent possible, try not to wear a hat and ride!



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