Sell well!! portable water jet cutting machine cnc waterjet glass cutting machine

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Product Overview


The cold cutting characteristics of Wonlean waterjet cutting machine and the cutting method with high efficiency and environmentally friendly can fundamentally eliminate the risk of dangerous goods cutting and make the cutting operation of dangerous goods safe, simple and efficient. It is an epoch-making significance for the cutting field of dangerous goods. Wonlean portable waterjet cutting machine has been widely used in many fields, such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, weapon destruction, emergency rescue and so on.
Electric integrated host
Exd II BT4 explosion-proof level
Unique valve design eliminates sand blocking
Small size is easy to move, flexible and light.
Oversized load-bearing wheels and universal wheels can adapt to various road surfaces.
Powerful integration capabilities can adapt to various complex cutting conditions.
Capacity of sand tank can be customized.

Max. pressure
25 MPa
30 MPa
50 MPa
Operating pressure
20 MPa
25 MPa
45 MPa
Max. water flow rate
Motor power
Power supply
External dimension
1240mm length ×740 mm width × 900mm height
Equipment weight
Magnetic Track Cutte
Exd II BT4 explosion-proof level
Lightweight body design Ingenious structure design can adapt to a large diameter range above 110mm. Equipped with large suction and strong magnetic wheels to adapt to various complicated working conditions. Equipped with an adjustable flexible track to eliminate the unevenness of the cutting surface and cause it to fall. Equipped with guide wheels to ensure cutting straightness Waterproof
Chain Track Cutter

Exd II BT4 explosion-proof level Lightweight body design
Detachable chain design Gear transmission does not slip, high precision Size: 290 × 305 × 285mm
Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic power
Tapping Cutter

Exd II BT4 explosion-proof level Strong magnetic or vacuum adsorption, firm and stable Equipped with adjustable height universal feet to adapt to various working conditions Custom opening size
Linear Cutter
Exd II BT4 explosion-proof level
Linear Cutter
Strong magnetic or vacuum adsorption, firm and stable
Equipped with adjustable height universal feet to adapt to various working conditions.

Custom cutting strokes
Waterproof design

Handheld Cutter
Handheld operation, flexible and convenient The cutter head is equipped with a two-jaw roller to provide contact
The cutter head is equipped with a safety water shield Remote high-pressure water controller Size: 1270 × 240 × 40mm
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Company Profile
Certification and Samples
Q: What are the advantages of a portable water jet cutter?
A : Waterjet is cold-processed and is very sutiable for the cutting of flammable and explosive dangerous goods. The slit temperature is kept below 60 degrees and sparks. It is most advanced technology for cutting dangerous goods.
Q: Can you cut dangerous goods as long as it is water cut?
A: Special attention! This is not the case. The water cutting is divided into premixing and postmixing. We have done a lot of experiments. The postmixing still has sparks in the cutting process. Only the premixing waterjet cutting machine can cut dangerous goods.
Q:Is portable waterjet operation easy to maintain?
A: Operation and maintenance is very simple. Wonlean portable waterjet is very user-friendly and has few wearing parts. We provide on-site training services, and you can operate and maintain the equipment independentty through about two days of on-site training.
Q:ls the portable waterjet safe to operate?
A:We have done a lot of demonstrations and experiments on the equipment, and equipped with safety relief devices. The company has not had a safety accident since its establishment. Please feel free to use it.
Q: I don't know what is right for me?
A: We have many customers and cases to design various materials and fields for dangerous good cutting. You can contact us for professional cutting solutions. We also provide free trial service. You can use the equipment first and then consider it as a Buddha. Need to buy, come and ask for registration!
Packing and Delivery
Delivery Time
Payment Term
T/T,30% in advance ,70% before shipment(negotiable)
Packaging details
Normal packaging is container. We can also according to the special requirements of customers for packaging
45 days from the date we offered validity

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