High quality chinese factory made R15 - 24 inch staggered car rims alloy wheel

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Forged wheel

Forged wheels have the most advanced Aluminum rim manufacturing technology .

Compared with the casting processes,it has many outstanding advantages such as high strength,high safety,good roundness,light weight,good heat

dissipation,more fuel-efficient.

The original wheel hubs have single style and lacks individuality.

It is easy to be deformed which exist safty risks.

The section of forged wheel

Forged technology is using forging machinery to make pressure to metal raw materials.

Via moudling and trasforming,these stuff can get machanical capacitiy,size and shape.

This process can elimiate loose of cast state and solder holes which make the aluminum materials have high density.

The reasons of chosing forged wheels:

1.Individuality--It can satisfy the requirements of what you like.

2.Light weight--The car will have fast daynamic response and quick accelerating ability when using forged wheels.

3.High strength--High pressure makes the metal raw materials have tight molecular strcture which enhance the safty of car.

4.More fuel-efficient--When each wheel reduces 5-8kg weight,equivalently the car will reduce 100-120kg.

Then the fuel using will decline.

5.Protecting the engine of car--The light weight of the wheels will reduce loading of engine and prolong life ofengine.

6.Good roundness--It can improve the riding performance and comfort.





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