Dimdu Smart reading pen, early education for kids

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Product Overview


Dimdu Smart reading pen and DIY stickers for kids to learn English

reading pen

Main functions:
1, Recording and repeating children's sound, comparing with the mp3
There are more sound designs of dialogues, sound effects and background music than common paper books so it can fully mobilize children's eyes, ear, mouth, hands and brain, so there is no doubt that is can stimulate children to learn.


2. Fashionable cute shape, simply operation
It can attract children's attention because of its cute staff design, so children would be interested in learning languages.


3. Professional Dubbing
All sounds are recorded by professional radio broadcaster, native-speakers. It provides high-quality, beautiful sounds for kids. In this original language atmosphere children would learn language well.


4. Flexible textbook choosing   
You can choose our textbooks or use the one you want. We can produce audio book for you. What you need to send us are the mp3 in the language you want and the sample of the book you use.


5. Sonix OID(Optic Identification/Optic Index pen of monomer)
Sonix OID is the latest high-tech. It make it possible that the pen can read the code hidden in the book.


6. Multi-lingual support
We can record many languages in one book to fulfill your requirements. Any languages you want.


Characteristics & Advantages:
1. Easy to take 
2. Attract kids' attention 
3. Develop kids learning interesting
4. Clear and native pronunciations 
5. Shape and color Can be customized.
6. Contents are interesting, which can use famous stories. It can not only attract children attention, but also teach them the Arabic Culture.
7. Languages can be changed as you wish.
8. Lovely cute shape
9. Free to transfer bilingual languages
10. the most fashionable style

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