Rush delivery food grade filtration kieselguhr celatom diatomite filter aid

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Rush delivery food grade filtration kieselguhr celatom diatomite filter aid




Technical Date

Cake density


+150 Mesh

specific gravity





ZBS100#Flux -CalcinedPink / White0.3722.158-1188
ZBS150#Flux -CalcinedPink / White0.3522.158-1188
ZBS200#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.3522.158-1188
ZBS300#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.3542.158-1188
ZBS400#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.3562.158-1188
ZBS500#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.35102.158-1188
ZBS600#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.35122.158-1188
ZBS800#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.35152.158-1188
ZBS1000#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.35222.158-1188
ZBS1200#Flux -CalcinedWhite0.35NA2.158-1188



In industrial applications, one or two kinds of diatomite filter aid are mixed and used according to 

the viscosity of the filtered get the satisfactory clarity and filtration rate; Our series diatomite filter aids can meet the filtration and filtration requirements for the solid-liquid separation process in the following:

1). Seasoning: MSG(monosodium glutamate), soy sauce, vinegar;
2). Wine and beverages: beer, wine, red wine, various beverages;
3). Pharmaceuticals: antibiotics, synthetic plasma, vitamins, injection, syrup ;
4). Water treatment: tap water, industrial water, industrial wastewater treatment, swimming pool water, bath water;
5). Chemicals: Inorganic acids, organic acids, alkyds, titanium sulfate;
6).Industrial oils: Lubricants, mechanical rolling cooling oils, transformer oils, various oils, diesel oil, gasoline, kerosene, petrochemicals;
7). Food oils: vegetable oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, tea oil, sesame oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, and raw pork oil;
8). Sugar industry: fructose syrup, high fructose syrup, cane sugar, glucose syrup, beet sugar, sweet sugar, honey;
10). Other categories: enzyme preparations, alginate gels, electrolytes, dairy products, citric acid, gelatin, bone glues, etc.


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