Экономический ЧПУ факел Высота контроллер модель XPTHC-4H для небольших/портативная машина для резки

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Product Overview


Economic cnc torch height controller model  XPTHC-4H for small/portable cutting machine



This is newest low cost solution stand alone arc voltage torch height controller we designed for plasma cutting machine.

It is with cheap price but full stand alone arc voltage THC functions,  enables your small/entry level machine cut with high quality.



1996 made first capacitive torch height controller (Analog circuit);

1998 made first arc voltage torch height controller (Analog circuit);

2003 designed SCM based PTHC (Ontime);

2004 set up HYD.CNC Tech Co, stopped developing of immature Ontime THC, and returned to Analog Circuit design, developed XPTHC-100, CHC-200D, and simplified XPTHC-II

2006 made XPTHC-100II, CHC-200DII, and XPTHC-III;

2008 made capacitive CHC-300 for YAG laser cutting;

2009 started to co-design THC with Messer China, and developed XPTHC-200; Koike started to use CHC-200DII

2010 made XPTHC-100III

2011 made new generation THC, XPTHC-300, and CHC-200E.

2012 designed DC version cap THC for Zinser, and new laser CHC-300.

2013 designed PTHC-200DC and XPTHC-Portable300,

2014 designed XPTHC-4 stand alone THC for low cost plasma torch height control.

2015 fully automatic cap THC will come soon, new auto focus system for high speed laser cutting is ready, new PC based cnc controller for plasma/flame/waterjet/laser cutting is already under testing....

We will bring you more in near future…..



XPTHC-4 supports almost all plasma cutters on market like Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics...and different HF plasmas.

And it supports all CNC cutting controllers on market like Hypertherm, Burny industrial level controllers or Mach3 such DIY controllers,  because XPTHC-4 can start Auto Height control with or without Auto enable signal from CNC. But with Auto enable/disable signal from CNC, THC would work better.



Basic Parameter



Auto work follow:

CNC arc start signal to THC---THC start IHS first----Arc start---THC find divided arc

voltage in THC-------Pierce time delay----Pierce completed---CNC receives arc ok signal

from THC or Plasma then start Motion----over 90% full speed, CNC enable THC’s auto

mode----Cycle ends and arc off, Torch lift up to programmed height.(Note:there is no dynamic pierce function under sample mode)


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