Lifeworth organic slimming dietary fiber psyllium husk capsules

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Psyllium husk information


Product namePsyllium husk capsules
Form500mg capsule
Packaging Details60 capsules/bottle
Main functionsupports digestive balance, intestinal and immune health
Psyllium husk Introduction

The fiber content of the psyllium husk is 80%, and other nutrients mainly include glucose mash, protein, polysaccharide, vitamin B1 and choline.

The psyllium fiber is mainly composed of hemicellulose, which is a complex carbohydrate. Hemicellulose cannot be digested by the human body, but it can be partially decomposed in the colon and is beneficial to intestinal probiotics.


Benefits of Psyllium husk 

The psyllium fiber can not be digested in the digestive tract, stomach and small intestine of the human body, but only partially digested by bacteria in the large intestine and rectum.

It contains more than 90% of the water-soluble fiber, it can expand the volume by 50 times when it meets water, so it can increase the feeling of satiety, but it does not provide heat, so does not cause excessive intake of heat.


 Dietary Fiber Custom


Dietary fiber typeingredients

Super Colon Cleanse

Senna leaf powder , psyllium husk powder , fennel seed powder, papaya leaf powder, rose hip fruit powder, Lactobacillus acidophilus

Immune system and burn fat

Vitamin C,Vitamin D3,Vitamin k,Vitamin B6,Folate,Vitamin B12,L-arginine,xylitol,pomegranate fruit juice concentrate,L-citrulline,d-ribose,grpae skin extract,red grape polyphenol extract,Citric acid,malic acid,natural citrus sweetenter

Prebiotic fiber

organic acacia fiber (A.senegal),organic orange (peel),organic baobab (fruit),organic apple (peel),organic cranberry (seed)

Detox & Colon Cleanse

Psyllium Husk,flax seed,papaya fruit,grapefruit pectin,

Slippery elm bark,marshmallow root,rhubarb root,guar gum,alfalfa leaf,peppermint leaf,Uva ursi leaf,stevia leaf extract,licorice root

Fiber weight loss capsule

Senna Leaf,Cascara Sagrada Bark,Psyllium Husk Powder,Flaxseed Powder,Aloe Vera Gel,Lactobacillus acidophilus,Licorice Root,Medium Chain Triglycerides oil,Gelatin,rice powder,vegetable magnesium stearate


Dietary fiber application  

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