agriculture vegetables crops compostable mulch paper / silver black plastic biodegradable mulching film

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mulching paper

black white mulch film for strawberry is made of 100% virgin ldpe with uv protection.
perforated plastic mulch film is great for keeping the weeds away! The mulching film will warm soil and reduce evaporation to conserve water, leading to earlier and higher yields.
Prevents erosion from water.Protects fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground so the crop remains clean and there are less plant diseases.

Product Type:
perforated plastic mulch film/mulch film agriculture/mulch film for pineapple/agricultural mulch film/Mulching  film/mulch film/plastic mulch film/black mulch film
100% virgin ldpe uv resistance
Production process:
blowing film mulching paper
Controlling weeds, strong durable
50m,100m silver and black mulching paper
0.5m--2m biodegradable plastic mulch film
1micron --30 micron agricultural mulch film for agriculture ground cover
black white mulch film
Agricultural, Building, Packaging, Construction, Pond
500kg black white mulch film
With holes:
yes or on

black mulching paper for strawberry.

Thickness varies from 0.015 to 0.02mm.Low light transmittance can effectively prevent the evaporation of water in the soil and inhibit the growth of weeds. Ground cover can significantly reduce the ground temperature, inhibit weeds and maintain soil moisture.

silver and black mulch film for watermelon.

itcan reflect ultraviolet ray, the ground covers the effect that has cooling, protect wet, drive avoid aphid, can increase ground reflex light, be helpful for fruit coloring.Can drive away vegetable, melon and fruit kind aphid and whitefly, reduce disease, keep water and soil and weeding etc. 

black and white mulch film for vegetable.

This is black and white film with two different colors.When the ground is covered, black faces down and white faces up.It not only has the black plastic film to cover the function, simultaneously also has the white film surface to glance the effect.

red mulch film for carrots,cucumber.

Years of practice has shown that rice seedlings grown under the red mulch grow well.Sugar content of beet increased;Leek leaves wide meat thick, early harvest, yield increase;Carrots increase yield.

Detailed Image

silver and black mulching paper

mulch film agriculture also called physical weeding mulch film, is the fastest development in recent years. It can increase the soil temperature, moisture and other effects, but also has better weeding effect; at the same time it can reduce the ground temperature, make peanuts, strawberries, tobacco and other crops root system developed in summer..

Features & Function

silver and black mulching paper

mulch film agriculture is made of high resin and has special reflection.The silver faces outside,and the black side faces soil when used.It has obvious shading,decreasing temperature effect.Besides the function of common films, it is good for sowing,moving and manufacturing the crops in summer.In the meantime, it can reflect ultraviolet and visible light,restrain the growth of weeds,and therefore that is especially suitable to sow seeds in summer

black white mulch film

1,Made of high quality new Low density polyethylene
This hot cast film is extremely strong and elastic in all directions

2,Soil warming and moisture retention

3,Water saving

4,Provides excellent weed control, suppress the growth of weeds by blocking the sunlight
Increased yields,promote growth up to 12%

5,Saves time and money

6,Custom various colors ,sizes and thickness

7,Custom holes


Transparent color mulch film

Lets all the sunlight go thru (not good for weed control), allowing for better heating of the soil, which depending on the area can be around 15 F higher just a couple of inches beneath the surface. 

black and white mulch film for greenhouse vegetable.

It is suitable for cover cultivation of vegetable ground in greenhouses in autumn and winter. especially for the fruit vegetables, the cultivation effect is the best

black mulch film for strawberry summer radish, Chinese cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumber, late tomato.

It is mainly suitable for weedy plots and vegetables (summer radish, Chinese cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumber, late tomato) and orchards cultivated in high temperature seasons.

Chequered with black and white mulch film for tobacco

mulch film chequered with black and white,its better to keep warm,keep water and weed control for tobacco

silver and black mulch film for cucumber, watermelon, tomato, spinach, celery, lettuce, cotton.

It is suitable for the cultivation of vegetables, melons and tobacco in summer and autumn.Practice has proved that summer and autumn season for covering cucumber, watermelon, tomato, spinach, celery, lettuce, cotton and other crops, not only has a good function of disease and insect control, but also can improve the quality of these crops.

red mulch film for rice, corn,beet, leek and cucumber

It can transmit red light and block the transmission of other color light that is not conducive to the growth of crops.Therefore, it can meet the need of red light for rice, corn, sugar beet and so on, and make the crop grow exuberant.It is mainly suitable for covering crops such as rice, beet, leek and cucumber

Yellow mulching film

Yellow mulching film/plastic mulch layer on agricultural planting protective.

blue mulch film

blue mulch film,we can custom any color for you on mulch film.

Packing & Delivery

 mulch film agriculture packed in rolls with paper tubes,strong plastic bag package.

20 ft can load around 14 tons,40HQ can load around 26 tons.

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