Vitamin K 1 K2 K3 K4 Powder For Eye Cream

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Vitamin K 1 K2 K3 K4 Powder For Eye Cream For Face Price

Basic info


Basic info

Product Name:Vitamin K3/k1/k2/k4 

Other Name:vitamin k  

Molecular Formula: C11H8O2

CAS Number: 58-27-5

EINECS Number: 200-372-6

Use:food grade ,feed grade/medical grade


-Name: Vitamin K2 MK 4

-Other Name:Menatetrenone 4

-CAS No.: 11032-49-8 or 863-61-6

-Molecular forum: C31H40O2          

-Appearance: Light yellow powder


-Grade: Pharmaceutical and food

Product Name:

Vitamin K2 mk-7 Powder


Natto Powder


Light Yellow Fine Powder

Active Ingredient:

Vitamin K2 mk-7



Vitamin K2 mk-7  1,000ppm, 2,000ppm, 4,500ppm, 15,000ppm, 20,000ppm


Food Grade




Vitamin K3, also known as menadione, is a synthetic supplement that acts as a precursor for vitamin K2, the most useful form of vitamin K for the human body. Since menadione does contain some vitamin K activity, it is commonly placed in livestock feed and some pet food to increase nutrient content. The use of vitamin K3 supplements in most developed countries is banned due to its possible side effects, such as damage to internal organs like kidneys or liver. Research on vitamin K3 has shown that it has some effect in combating certain types of cancer, yet research in regards to human safety remains inconclusive.

Vitamin K2 is essential for the carboxylation of glutamate residues in certain proteins, to give-carboxyglutamate. This modification allows the protein to bind calcium, an essential event in the blood clotting cascade. Carboxylation of glutamate is also important in other proteins involved in the mobilization or transport of calcium. Vitamin K2 is also a known of SXR. Currently in Japan, Vitamin K2 is being used to treat the degenerative bone disease osteoporosis.




1. Dual function of oneReabsorption prevention and OsteoblastPromoting: VK2 promotes the formation of Osteocalcin, increases the density of bones and reduces bone loss. It’s a new medicine to cure and prevent osteoporosis and fracture.


2. Menaphthone Vitamin K3 Curing haemorrhage caused by MenaphthoneVitamin K3 deficiency: Menaphthone Vitamin K3 promotes the formation of thrombin, accelerates blood clotting, accelerates and maintains proper clotting time.


3. Preventing and retarding calsification of blood vessels,preventing arteriosclerosis caused by calsification


4. Menaphthone Vitamin K3 2 can be used as a PKA active regulator to promote the


detoxifcation of liver, prevent and cure hepatic fibrosis, live cancer and lung cancer


5. Menaphthone Vitamin K3 derived from the dermented soy product natto


has a higher bioavailability than vitamin K1


VK 2


 1. Vitamin K2 is being used to cure haemorrhage caused by VK2 deficiency; promotes the formation of thrombin, accelerates blood clotting, maintains proper clotting time; also used as quick coagulant in surgeries or first aids.


2. Vitamin K2 is being used to treat the degenerative bone disease osteoporosis.; VK2 produces a specific protein known as osteocalcin which can bind calcium, therefore to increase the density of bones and to prevent fracture.


3. Vitamin K2 can prevent the disease of hepatocellular carcinoma in women with viral cirrhosis.


4. Vitamin K2 has function of diuresis, promotes the detoxifcation of liver and lowering the blood pressure.





(1) treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, vitamin K2


generate bone protein, and then together with the calcium


of bone formation, increase bone density and prevent fractures.




(2) Vitamin K2 can prevent progression to liver cirrhosis.




(3) the lack of treatment of hemorrhagic disease of vitamin K2,


and promote the formation of prothrombin, accelerated blood


clotting, maintain normal clotting time.  



(4) with a diuretic, strengthen the liver's detoxification function,


and can lower blood pressure.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details:

Q: How to Pack? 

A: 1-10kg with double plastic bag inside,foil bag outside,finally with carton box

     10-20kg with double plastic bag inside,carton box outside

      >25kg double plastic bag inside,fiber drum outside

           Net Weight: 25kgs/Drum Gross Weight: 28kgs/Drum

           Drum Size & Volume: I.D.42cm × H52cm, 0.08 m³/ Drum


Q: How to Deliver? 

A: We can send via DHL, TNT, EMS, Fedex etc.

     Also Airway and Seaway is accepted.Or negotiated.usually packing.jpg

Q: How to Deliver? 

A: We can send via DHL, TNT, EMS, Fedex etc.

     Also Airway and Seaway is accepted.Or negotiated.

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By Express

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Fast: 3-7 days
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Fast: 3-7 days
Port to port, 
professional broker needed

Suitable for more than 500kg
Slow: 3-45 days
Port to port, 
professional broker needed


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Our service  

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Company Information

Hunan Dye-Natural Resource Inc ‘s slogan/belief is “Dye the world with nature,let the nature enrich your quality life!”

Industry: natural herb plant extract ,foods ingredients ,beauty ingredient ,medical ingredient ,even in feed industry .

Experience:created in 2013. We cooperated many specialist manufacture who got GMP,CDMF,ISO,Kosher,The organic certificate,HACCP, We also have our own R&D center and cooperate with some other famous research center to ensure the quality

Main products:glutathione reduced(food/cosmetc/medical grade);Alpha arbutin;Coenzyme q 10;d mannose;NMN/NAD/NR;natural Astaxanthin Haematococcus pluvialis; and all Plant extract OEM spec.

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Four steps: sampling, sample pretreatment, measuring and data processing.
We will provide test samples for check quality of products, before the shipping, we will send pre-ship samples to check really products. Kojic acid dipalmitate

Full-time inspectors through check the operator self-inspection, and review and sign in the corresponding record. Full-time inspection is responsible for inspection of finished product, and make the finished product incoming inspection records.

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