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Qing Gao Traditional Chinese Herb Medicine Dried Sweet Wormwood Slice

Pungent and bitter in flavour, slightly cold in nature, it acts on the liver, gallbladder and kidney channels. The bitter and cold properties clear away heat, the pungent flavour expels pathogenic factors. It is mainly effective in the liver and kidney so as to purge the latent heat outwards from the yin division. It is therefore indicated for the febrile diseases at the later stage with an accumulation of lingering heat in the yin division marked by nocturnal fever and lingering low-grade fever. In addition, it is used to treat restlessness and thirst due to summer heat and cure malarial diseases, by means of its functions of relieving summer heat and cure malarial diseases.
 Clearing away heat of deficiency type, relieving summer heat and preventing attack of malaria.
1. For febrile diseases at the later stage with an accumulation of heat marked by nocturnal fever or lingering low-grade fever, it is often used in combination with the Yin-reinforcing and heat-clearing drugs, such as anmarrhena rhizome, rehmannia root and peony bark, known as Qinghao Biejia Tang (Deciction of Sweet Wormwood and Turtle Shell). In cases of fever due to Yin-deficiency or hectic and phthitic fever, it is used in combination with the drugs for reinforcing Yin and clear hectic fever, such as scutellaria root, picrorhiza rhizome, rehmannia root, etc.

2. For the summer heat affection characterized by fever and vexation, sweating and thirst, it is used in combination with the drugs for clearing heat and summer heat, such as talc, honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit, etc.

3. For malarial diseases with fever and chills, this single fresh herb pounded to juice is used, or in combination with scutellaria root and talc.
Dosage and Administration
10-15g. 20-40g for treating malaria. Doubled the dose when use the fresh. Do not over decoct.
Please ask your doctor's advice before using any herbs for personally.
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