High Quality Pig Feed Additives Natural Cottonseed Protein 60%

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Product Overview


High Quality Pig Feed Additives Natural Cottonseed Protein 60%plant feed additives00

Phytogenic feed additives is source from natural herbals,which keeps the natural ingredients of herbas.It contains a certain amount of nutrients and unknow growth regulator.It complies with the production requirement of green livestock.It's a new optimalest,safest and healthiest feed additives.

Antibiotics, as feed additives, bring great economic benefits to people, but also bring many negative effects, especially drug residues in livestock and poultry products. And natural plants contain immune active substances, which have the advantages of enhancing the immune function of the body, improving the ability of animals to resist stress and disease, improving the efficiency of animal production performance, no residue and not easy to produce drug resistance.

Product Description


Product NameCottonseed Protein
AppearanceLight yellow powder 
Crude Protein 50%
Crude Fiber 3%Max
Protease1000 u/g
amylase1000 u/g

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Cottonseed protein adopts a new process such as low temperature primary leaching and two solvent stepwise extraction, which greatly reduces the denaturation of the protein, and removes gossypol, so that it has a qualitative improvement in nutrient level. The free gossypol content of the dephenolated cottonseed protein product is less than or equal to 60ppm (HPLC), the crude protein content is above 50%, and the ratio of the total amino acid to the crude protein is 95%, which can replace the plant animals such as soybean meal, corn protein powder and fish meal. Protein, widely used in livestock and poultry and aquatic feed

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