Digital Sauna RFID Wristband Key Card Rfid Locker Lock For Spa Swimming Pool Gym 126

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Product Overview



Digital Sauna  RFID wristband key card rfid locker lock  For Spa Swimming Pool Gym 


 Features Introduction:
1. Our door lock has the function to unlock  the door automaticly , when you use  wrist card key to unlock, the door will unlocked automatic,so you don't  need to install door handle.

2.  Two open solution : single card solution and dual card solution.

3. Low power alarm to remind you to change the batterie, external power is free! 

4. Set up management card and guest card just on the cabinet lock but not need from the computer . Sound and light indicate when it works ,bule light shinging when low battery.


5.Mortise will come back automaticly when there is obstruction and will indicate there is obstruction.


6.Deadbolt function.

Product Description


1.Power Supply: DC6V, use of 4  pieces of AA batteries. It's lifetime is about 1 year.
2.Alarm  Voltage: below DV4.8V with lack of voltage indications and can use about 200 more times.
2.Static Power Supply: <10u A.
4.Dynamic Power Supply: < 150mA.
5.Lifetime of battery: normally can exceed 20,000 times and 200 more with low energy indication.
6.Latch length: 15mm.
7.Door thickness: 15-30mm.
8.Working temperature: -30~+70 °C , Colors:  Gold, Silver
9.Lock types: EM4100,TK4100 ,2000EM,2000TM.


Applicable to agent, school, SPA/sauna bath center, swimming pool, gymnasium,golf course, supermarket,hotel, company, factory, household, business clue, etc.


II. Brief Introduction & Functions:

  •   Single card (guest card can unlock alone) or dual card (guest card and waiter card can unlock at the same time) to open, you can set it at any time according to the need.
  •   Automatic rebound function: no need install door handle, just open by card, then 5-7seconds later lock will bounce off automatically, even special type door hinges can also be opened smoothly. When you close the door then the locker be locked.
  •   Low voltage alarm indication function: when power is lower than 4.8 V, every time you use the card to open, there will have sound and lighting double indicate, you should replace the battery soon at this time.
  •   Intelligent smart cylinder, reasonable structure, gear combined movement, safe stable and reliable operation.
  •   Spare external emergency power, in case you forget to change battery You can use the external power to replenish and light up to open cupboard door by card.
  •   Different kind of key chain key /Watchband/ FOB card for choice: Plastic. Silicon or Buddha beads, which are all waterproof, moisture proof, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, easy to carry, safe and durable.
  •   EM card to open doors, eliminate illegal inserting card phenomenon.
  •   Can realize Two-level management function, a lock can set a Management card, and users' cards (at most 30pcs) or match card scheme according to customers’ request
  •   Prying resistant alarm indication function:when lock is opened in illegal, it will indicate service personnel by alarm sound to prevent the loss of property.
  •   Different cylinder for your choice: Plastic or metal
  •   Logo print service in keychain for you for free.


Emergency openning:
a. Use master card to open
b. Use override mechanical key to pen. Take off the reader panel and find the cylinder inside the panel and open it with mechanical key.
c. Use outside battery box(Emergency Powe supply is free for you) to open the locker when the battery power is low.


Packaging & Shipping

1. FAST SHIPPING from our Factory!

2.Item shipped in 1-5 working days after payment  depends on the quantity of the order.

3.Item shipped by UPS,FedEX,DHL express  or by Air or by Sea, depending on size and weight of total order.

4.Tracking number will be sent to you as soon as we ship the goods.

5.Price term:Ex-work, or FOB shenzhen/Hongkong
6.Payment:T/T, Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal


(We also have metal lock body optional)  




Different EM/RFID / M1 Wrist card key Optional:



  Silicone key




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